Hey guys,

So you’ll notice I have another look to the blog. I hadn’t written in so long, I forgot all my passwords and so I had to have my fantastic webguy make another one for me. That’s me, Mr. Technology!!! God help me. So here I am at the glorious Shaw Festival. What a great bunch of people. Holy cow. Everyone is so nice. It’s crazy. We are in tech rehearsals right now for Wonderful Town. Very excited. It’s gone so well. The cast is great and fun and funny. Our director is the most amazing man. He’s an Aussie named Roger Hodgman and he is the kindest, most generous man. Creates a totally collaborative, totally creative room. He’s just what a director should be. Great ideas, great taste, great skill.

And our leading ladies – Chilina Kennedy and Lisa Horner – are going to be spectacular. Not to mention Jay Turvey’s beautiful voice (I keep telling him I’m going to kick him in the basket, he sounds so good.) We went through the musical numbers last night onstage, with the band and it sounds PHENOMENAL.  Paul Sportelli (musical director/supervisor/guru of Shaw) has done a freaky excellent job of re-orchestrating the score. Very sassy and brassy. I can’t wait to get costumes. Which I think is tomorrow. I play Chick Clark. A some-what sleezy newspaper reporter – well, not really sleezy, he’s just a horny guy who stirs up some shit for the ladies. And Judith Bowden who is our costume designer has created the best costumes for me. Really slick and sassy. He’s the kind of guy who likes to stay right in fashion but whose taste is just a little toward the flashy. Woohoo.

We are starting in with music rehearsals for A Little Night Music on Friday. I’M SO EXCITED!!!! I love Night Music so much. It’s like a dream come true to be doing this show at a major theatre. Y’all have to come and see this. It’s going to be amazing. A great cast, a great director, fantastic designers. I’m totally overstimulated right now.

What is also great is my place here in Niagara-On-The-Lake is spectacular. It’s huge and spacious and the set up is great. Very conducive to entertaining. I love nothing more than hosting a get-together. Good peeps, good food, good wine – COME ON! I’ve been hosting American Idol nights. Good times. Oh and speaking of which, I can’t believe the blonde ‘country’ chick is still on there. What is wrong with you people??? I loved the rocker babe who got voted off but I get that she’s not what they need for Idol.

Anyway, that’s about it for now. Welcome to the new blog and I’ll totally strive to stay updated.

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