Okay so we had the first preview and Holy Getting-All-The-Jokes, Batman!!!!  It was almost creepy.  The audience was so on top of it, they got stuff that surprised and delighted us all.  I think part of it was their excitement at being the first ones to see the show.  Part of it was the fact that I think the show plays really well and I think it’s a pretty snappy production.  And part of it that we didn’t really think about is the demographic of the festival is of an age where they remember a lot of the references.  They grew up close enough to (or in) the time that the show takes place and they have a much more vivid connection to the people and references.  Whatever it was, they were truly amazing.  They had us laughing back-stage at how much they enjoyed the show.  It was really  infectious.  And not to mention, so helpful for us to try to get rhythms right and land jokes properly.  It was a great thing for Lisa and Chilina to try to pace their shows and they were great.  The crowds loved them.

So today is preview two.  We’ll see how it goes.  What we are all interested in seeing now is which laughs are consistent.  Ooooooo  live theatre.  So exciting.

In other news, we start A Little Night Music Tomorrow.  I’m . . . . so . . . . excited . . . . .I  . . . . can . . . . . hardly . . . . stand . . . . it.   (Taking two deep breaths) I let you know how that goes.

Oh and today is my brother’s birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRAD!!!!

Oh my God, and American Idol.  So Dolly Parton’s tunes were the theme last night and Dolly coached the kids.  Some interesting bits.  David Archuleta (sp?) did a beautiful job.  As did David Cook and the Irish doll.  (Doll?  – who am I Damon Runyon?)  I still do like the Carly Simon wannabe and the pretty boy with the dreds who seems high all the time stepped it up but I don’t think he’ll win it.  The Aussie gent is interesting and did a good job but I don’t know that he’s got the longevity of individuality.  The country blonde girl, and the cute phillipena (sp?)  have to go.  Bless, but no.  The black chick, I’m still on the fence about.  She sang I Will Always Love You and sort of did a mixed version of Dolly’s and Whitney’s.  But it just felt like she did Whitney’s but flattened out her licks.  It felt heart-felt which helped but if you’re going to do a song that has been iconic for not one, but two people, you better do something completely different and she really didn’t.  I don’t think she can win it.  There are way more interesting choices than her at this point.   We’ll see.

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