Whassup, my little moppets??!!  So our director of Wonderful Town, Roger Hodgman, left for Australia yesterday.  It’s so weird to have a director leave before an opening but the show is basically done and he has two other shows he’s doing in Aussie-land.  He’s directing Frost/Nixon and Follies.  Busy guy and that’s the career you want as a director.  So it was the first day without being “watched”.   That always feels like the kids being left alone when mom and dad go out for the evening.

And I started Jenny Craig again yesterday.  I’m a fan.  I really enjoy it.  The food is pretty tasty (or I couldn’t do it) and I just like the convenience.  You totally get how all of these celebrities stay so “easily thin”. Sure it’s easy if you have food prettily prepared and given to you.  HELLO!!  Anyway, it’s nice to not have to worry about it.  And as I said before, it’s not about being ‘thin’, it’s about feeling better in my own skin and in my clothes.  Things were getting a bit . . . snug.  Just sayin’.

And I’m still auditioning themes for the page.  Come on, y’all.  I’d love to hear form ya!

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  1. Thom!! I’m totally loving your blog. Sorry for not commenting sooner – I’ll try to, but I am reading and loving it. And missing you!! We’re coming home in June for a visit – hope to see you! 😀

  2. Thanks Gill. It will be great to see you guys.

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