Hey y’all. I have a request to all of you. If you can spare a few minutes. A very dear friend of mine is a kidney-transplant recipient and after 20 years, her body has gone into a state of chronic rejection.

After so many years dealing with the ups and downs of her situation, she has had a really inventive idea. She is exploring the idea of becoming a some-time corespondant for the Oprah Winfrey show covering and bringing awareness to the misunderstood arena of transplantation and organ donation. Awesome.
Her name is Henriette Ivanans and she is the most extraordinary human being – so full of life and light and spirit. She is the perfect person for this.

So here is the request, she needs to gather as many letters as possible, endorsing her and her idea. Below is a letter that you can simply cut and paste (add your info at the bottom and send it the e-mail at the bottom.)

Thanks in advance, everyone.




My dear friend, Henriette, has had kidney disease since she was 13, and had a living-related kidney transplant when she was 19. She has had wonderful quality of life for 20 years, but is now currently rejecting this organ.

I believe there is much misinformation circulating about transplantation, organ donation and related issues. I ask that you strongly consider her quest to become a sometime correspondent for “The Oprah Winfrey Show”. With her professional work history, and through the viewfinder of her future experiences, I believe there is so much to be learned about these and related issues.

I believe she can be an incredibly valuable vehicle for exploring transplantation that can be both educational, entertaining, and humanize this most dry and mysterious subject matter.

Most sincerely,

Home address
Telephone number
E-mail address

PS Please personalize this (If you wish) and then send it to “hennybird@verizon.net”. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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