I know these blogs have been getting a tad serious lately but I think it’s having time here in NOTL to think and reflect and be working again full time.  After taking the last two years to try the film and TV thing, which is so sporadic, it’s nice to be back to a rolling work schedule.

Had a great talk with my BBF Sharron Matthews last night.  She came over and we had some wine and our first real ‘sit-down’ since she moved up here to be with her hubby, George.   I always gain a great deal of clarity when we have a gab-session.  It made me realize I have things I want to do and things I need to be.  That sounds kind of vague but it’s hard to explain in a blog.  It made me re-affirm my resolve to not take work because I need work. To always trust that if I follow my instincts, I will be right.  I’m tired of people trying to make me smaller to make themselves more comfortable.  I want to see the world and do work I want to do.  I’m going to use my time more wisely here.  I want to do some writing, create some cabarets.  I think I will do a cabaret or two while I’m here.  Work up some new material.  And I should probably look at doing some more cabaret work in Toronto when I’m done.  I may look at doing something in October.  Hmm.  I need to just set a date and then get on it.  I feel like I’m on the verge of a major epiphany.  I love that word – major. LOL  kidding. I mean – epiphany = a moment of sudden revelation or insight.

Something else – I’ve realized I’ve gained back most of the weight I’ve lost on Jenny Craig.  haha  I love to eat, y’all.  What is happening with Jenny Craig, you ask?  (Well, even if you didn’t, it’s my blog so I get to say whatever I want – whee)  Apparently my credit card is full and they couldn’t process the order.  Good times.  I’m being tested.  So I have to wait until monday, call my business manager (business manager – best thing I ever did) and get some cash put on the card and then re-order –  –  – FOR THE 3RD TIME!!!  Not that I’m bitter . . . or fat . . . or bitter . . . or fat . . . or bitter     BITTERFAT – THE THOM ALLISON STORY

I think I may also start doing morning pages again.  For those of you who don’t know the Artist’s Way, which I talked about in an earlier blog, morning pages are three pages of hand-written, unjudged ‘brain-drain’ you do every morning as soon as you get up. It’s amazing what comes out that you didn’t even know you were thinking.  Anyway, I feel like it’s a good time to help to focus my energy.

Okay, that’s all.


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