Alright, y’all. I’m just pasting the next section of info on my ‘illness’ from an e-mail I just sent to a friend because I realized – why type it all over again.

We opened Wonderful Town on Saturday night. It seemed to go really well. And we are going into tech week for Night Music and we preview on Sunday night. There is a wee problem for me right now. Are you ready for this. After the party on Saturday, I was on my way home and felt a bit woozy. Now I had only had a glass of wine at the party but I thought I must be tired. I went home and went to bed. Sunday, I could barely get up. Severe vertigo – dizzy, room spinning – and nausea. It continued all day. Luckily I had the day off sunday and monday. It couldn’t eat a thing for aboutt 36 hours. I was finally able to get up on monday morning and get myself to a walk in clinic (by riding my bike with my eyes mostly closed because I couldn’t walk a straight line without help and if I had my eyes open, I’d fall over and all my friends were out of town). I was then diagnosed with labyrinthitis – an inflammation of the inner ear. The doctor described it as a cold in your inner ear. It’s viral so there is nothing to do but take gravol to take the edge off and wait. And it heals like a cold. It can take up to a week to 10 days. She said I’m lucky if it’s moving fast enough that I can stand after the first day. LUCKY!???!!?! Papa got a tech week to do. We have an afternoon of pieces this afternoon and our tech run tonight. I’m feeling a little better still this morning but still woozy. I don’t know that I can sing without passing out. WHAT THE “F”? So the universe is testing me. Which I always feel is a good sign. It means the outcome is going to be good. Ah well.

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