Okay, “aftermath” sounds rather dramatic.

I’ve gotten such amazing response to the “Musical Slamming” blog. Thank you all for your incredible generosity of words and spirit. The best part of all is people are talking. I hearing about discussions occurring all over the place. That is great. That’s what creates change. So bravo to all of you for reading and spreading the word.

The kind of cool thing is having written that blog and getting the response makes me want to write more. Not because I think I’m a particularly great writer but because I like that ideas can be expressed that are shared by several, if not many, people and those ideas might be left unsaid otherwise. There is something so comforting about knowing you are not alone.

On other fronts, the shows here are going well. We are well into previews for A Little Night Music. The response has been really positive. We’ve been and, apparently, will continue to be sold out for previews, and the crowds have been really enjoying it from what we’ve heard. I feel like I’m starting to find where Carl-Magnus sits. It’s an easy role to just get ‘barky’ in. He’s so bombastic and I find if I start to bark, it’s hard to sing his first song. I have to really work to keep the breath, thought, intention and sound streaming out. But it’s a welcome challenge. Seriously – I don’t just write that and then in actuality come off stage and say “Damn Sondheim, this sucks. I don’t know why took this part.” LOL One of the things I love about Sondheim is the fact that no one can rest on their laurels. (What are laurels, anyway. And is it comfortable to rest on them? Do they give support if you are on them for a long time?) The cast, musicians and audience all share responsibilities in participating in the story-telling so it can end up so much more fulfilling for everyone.

And as for the Dora Awards, two weeks away as of today. Woohoo. Sharron and I go into Toronto to rehearse next monday. I more or less know the songs. I just need to do a little more work this week. So that’s good. No stress. It’s now about what to wear. Woohoo.

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  1. Cool, very cool. Enjoy your life.

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