Okay, y’all. The concert version of Stephen Sondheim’s FOLLIES starts rehearsals today here at the Shaw Festival. Very excited. We are doing a reading of the script today. No music. I’m looking forward to just hearing the show. And then off we go. I believe we start music rehearsals on Sunday.

On other fronts, it’s really beautiful here in NOTL. The sun is shining. It’s pretty quiet out there. I love my place here. I’m about to do some dishes and then go to the gym. I’m going to enjoy being here for the summer. There are some great bike trails. Great people. I wish there were more patios but that’s okay.

And it’s also that time when things start to bubble about what happens after this season here, which I always like. You know, it’s the whole what do I do for christmas – in terms of work. Who’s doing what? Is there a show to do? And what about next year. They haven’t announced the season for next year for here at Shaw or at Stratford. But I’m starting to here a bit of buzz of possibilities for myself in some other places which is nice to know you’re being thought of for stuff. Nothing definite, just talking. I love that exciting feeling of setting up work that connects – finish one job, and go right into the next. I love change. I love new adventures. I’m really loving my life today. I love where I am. I feel like I’m on the verge of something really great – in terms of personal discovery. I want to write more. I used to write as a youngster (youngster??? – what am I, 100) but somewhere along the way, I got self-conscious and scared. I feel it’s time. I want to explore more of what I’m capable of that I didn’t think I was capable of.

That also applies to work. It’s become very clear to me that I don’t just want to work anymore. I want to really do work that is going to be really fun and/or challenge me. And that means I have to be ready to fail, and sometimes rather publicly. Fine. You have to risk big to gain big. I don’t want to do roles that roles that waste my talents. I don’t want to take work just because I need work. Now, in all honesty, I haven’t taken work just because I need it for a long time. Thank God. I realized a while ago that that just made me angry and it makes me unavailable for the good stuff. (Good for me, that is) So I’m really interested to know what shapes up for after this season. What am I going to do.

I know I’m doing Fred/Petruchio in the concert version of KISS ME, KATE for Talk is Free Theatre in Barrie. That will be really fun. That’s in Nov. After that . . . who knows. Wheeeeeeee

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  1. Oh wow!! You would be amazing in that role (in Kiss Me, Kate)! Congratulations – that’ll be awesome! πŸ™‚

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