Oh my God, you guys, it was FANTASTIC!! We had such a great time. It was a really long day but fun. Here is the breakdown

11:00 – Arrive at the theatre to drop off clothes and stuff.

11:15 – Go shopping for an undershirt, socks and sunglasses (to match my outfit for the pre-party)

12:30 – Arrive back at the theatre and have lunch

1:00 – Rehearse songs and announcing bits (I had to present an award and introduce the memorial section)

3:30 – Go shopping for lashes for Sharron, a scarf for my first outfit.

4:40 – Back to theatre and hang out.

5:30 – Get ready for the pre-party.

6:00 – Arrive at pre-party

7:00 – Get back to the theatre to hang out with Sharron and Bill (friend who did Sharron’s hair for the night) and Kat (in charge of Sharron’s costumes) and get ready for the show.

8:00 – THE DORAS

10:45 – Clear out of the backstage area

11:15 – Hit the party

2:30 – George, Sharron, Scott Fink, and I hit Fran’s for a little post-Dora nosh

3:45 – Bed

Sharron was so awesome. She handled the show like it was nothing at all; like she’d been doing it for her entire life. 10 costumes, plus a post party outfit. 10 hairstyles. And songs, jokes, stories. And many laughs on and off stage. Our songs went so well.

I remembered all of my lyrics, thank God. And the crowd seemed to like my songs. I didn’t like all of what I did vocally but I felt like I was able to tell some good stories. That is always my favorite thing. I’ve been getting some lovely e-mails which is always nice to hear the people enjoy your work. I love getting e-mails from strangers. That’s sweet.

And I’ve just done a matinee and been to a Canada Day party. It was great. Really fun. Barbeque, treasure hunt, and fireworks – what better way to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CANADA. Hope you all had a good one too.

I’m now going to bed to catch up on some much overdue sleep.


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