Well it happened. Two day ago. A Little Night Music opened on Friday night and it was a bit surreal. The show played really well. There was a great flow, everyone was on their game. Beautiful performances. The audience was a listen-y audience so they weren’t as vocal as some have been but they were clearly enjoying it. And at the end, they jumped to their feet which was lovely. Goldie was respendant, George was in fantastic voice and was charming, Patti was yearningly brittle (in a great way). The only bad thing for me was I wasn’t happy with my own performance if I’m honest. I felt like I came in and out. I liked the last note of my first song. That was about all I was happy with in my first scene. The note came out clear and honest. The rest of the scene had moments I liked and others where I felt like I was circling the airport but didn’t quite land the plane. The second scene (Weekend In The Country) was fun and playful and I liked it. The second act was more in and out. It was only an okay night performance-wise for me but I was so proud of the cast, everyone was wonderful. I love this group of people. They are so generous and loving and supportive and fun and funny. It’s a real gift being here and getting to play with these people.

And the party was fun. It was pretty casual. So many people where there. My God. And people were really happy about it. It was nice. And then I had people over for wine and food. Also a really good time. It was a rather late night. I got to bed at 4:30 and so yesterday was tough. Just the release of everything knocked me out. And we had two shows yesterday (the day after opening). I actually had to have coffee and I never drink coffee. Only 2 or 3 times a year when I’m exhausted and desperate. And I was exhausted and desperate. And I didn’t even drink a lot. Just tired. But the good news is the coffee worked and the Night Music (which was the second show yesterday) was my best show so far . . . in terms of the freedom and story-telling. I had such a good time. I felt free and I was discovering things and it was really exciting. I felt like I was riding the text and not forcing it. I had a smoother sing. It was great. I hope that is me turning a corner in terms of finding more ease in the playing of the show. We’ll see.

That’s all for now y’all.

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  1. Happy belated opening love-

    Of course you weren’t happy with it- it was opening!


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