You guys, today I saw BELLE MORAL at Shaw. It is one of the best things I’ve seen in a while. Now, not to say that I haven’t seen some great stuff here so far – I absolutely have (nobody get there knickers in a twist – knickers? – what am I, 73?) But this was a magical combination of script (by one of Canada’s true literary treasures, Ann-Marie MacDonald), direction (Dora winner Alisa Palmer), design (Judith Bowden – who, by the way, designed the Cabaret I did at Theatre Calgary – she’s awesome and we love her) and cast:

Bernard Behrens

Julie Martell

Graeme Somerville

Martin Happer

Jeff Meadows

Donna Belleville

Peter Hutt

And the extraordinary Fiona Byrne, who gives a performance so luminous, she could embarrass a solar flare. It is truly a great production of a really intriguing and beautiful play. RUN, DO NOT WALK to get tickets as it was such a hit when it premiered at the Shaw 3 years ago, it will probably sell out fast. I feel truly inspired to be a better actor/performer/human being after seeing that show. It makes me realize what can be achieved when care is taken and given to every detail of a production.

Again, as I know many people including people from the Shaw read this, I’m not saying care isn’t given to the other productions here, – on the contrary – it’s just that there’s something special that I got from the show today.

So come see it, y’all. You won’t be disappointed. And if you are, suck it up, at least you got some of that ‘culture’.

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