Oh I can’t believe I forgot to blog this. So yesterday (Friday), I ended up with a rare day off. I decided to bike to Niagara Falls. It’s about a half-hour away by car. I heard it would take about an hour and a half. It was awesome. (Okay I think it’s time for awesome to be retired. I’ll only use it on special occasions.) It was fantastic. So exhilarating. It took me and hour and 24 minutes. It’s a beautiful ride. Takes you by the river. (not sure which one but I’m assuming the Niagara – haha) And it was a great day for it. Really warm but slightly over-cast so I didn’t have the sun beating down on me. I always forget what a freak-show Niagara Falls is until I get there. If you want to people-watch, that is the place. My God. The characters. You go up that street that has Guinesse (sp?) Book of World Records and that stuff and it’s a free for all of over-fed tourists, misfits, families, frat-boys and bootie-shorts. Wow. So I wandered about a bit. Had a slice of pizza and an ice cream (what the hell, I had another hour/hour and a half bike ride to burn it off) then went to look at the falls a bit. Realized I had been there about 4 times already in the past and not much had changed, so I decided to head back. It only took about an hour and a bit to get back – tells you where all he hills are. And the great part is, I can now set a table for 12 on my ass as its sitting so high right now. Woohoo. I will be doing that again, several times.

I’ve heard the ride to St. Catherines is a good one too. So I’ll try that as well. Oh yeah.

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