Okay so the Shaw Festival company for years has had random cabaret nights at the Royal George Theatre in the bar downstairs on a Saturday night.  There is a small cabaret stage and anyone can do anything basically.  Readings, songs, comedy acts, combinations of all of this.  They’re called Saturday Nights At the George or SNAG.   Well, last year (and I’m not sure if it’s been done before and for how many years) they did a DRAG SNAG.  And yes, it’s just what it sounds.  All the guys dress as women and all the girls dress as men.   Everyone really gets into it, whether you’re performing or not.  Well this one was just as produced as any of the shows thanks to Kawa Ada – one of the members of the acting company.  It was amazing – costumes, wigs, choreography, back-up dancers.

Well, Kawa asked me to be the featured guest.  What the hell, I said sure and started to think about what to do.  Now I never need to find a reason to be the special guest but I like to hook it on something. Well one day in the shower, it came to me.  I was George Bernard Shaw’s Secret Black Mistress.  She’s a cabaret performer who was much younger than him.   Kawa told me that unlike the other acts, I’d have my own “set” to fill – about 10 minutes or so.  So I set about writing the material and picked the songs.   I decided to tell the story of how Shaw and I met and began our affair and then how we ended.  It was really fun.  And I have to say, it turned out really well.  You know how you plan on something and hope it works out with very little rehearsal and in the end, it actually works out just the way you wanted it too. Well that was how it went. I got a standing ovation, y’all.  Woohoo  I was very touched and honoured as I was told people don’t get standing O’s at SNAG’s.

I’ve picked up enough tricks from make-up artists that I can do a pretty good girl-face pretty face and the Shaw let us use their wigs and they did them up for us.  I’m such a perfectionist I had a whole look (wig, dress, shoes, etc) to wear to just walk around in before my number and then a whole outfit for my number.  Again it worked like a charm.  What a fun and bizarre way to leave the season.  But fun.  Here are a couple of shots that someone sent me.

Oh, her name? . . . .   that only came to me the day of the performance.  A lot of people try to come up with something sexual.  I wanted her to be a little more up-scale but be edgy and provocative.  But I wanted it to be clever.  I couldn’t come up with anything.  So I suddenly thought of where the festival is located and it came to me.  (Now yes it is totally politically incorrect but it was too delicious to pass up.  Offensive yet fun.  my favorite)

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you . . . NIGGERA FALLS

Pre-performance look (with Robin Evan Willis)

Performance look

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