Okay guys,  you know how I said I had more news to come?  Well now I can tell you about it.

First of all, I can now announce officially that I won’t be returning to the Shaw Festival next year.  I’m happy to say it’s not because they thought I sucked and didn’t want me. There was an offer and a desire from Jackie for me to be here with an eye on the future but I simply didn’t feel the offer was one the called out to me right now.  But Jackie and I had a great talk (she’s an amazing, funny, innovative artist) and we both look forward to my returning one day with the right project(s).

Okay, so, second bit of news which is really exciting.  Acting Up Stage, which produced ELEGIES: A SONG CYCLE that I got my Dora nomination for last year, is doing a production of A NEW BRAIN next year.  It’s written by the same playwright who wrought Elegies, William Finn. It’s a really interesting piece – sort of auto-biographical about the brain tumor he faced down several years ago.  It’s about a songwriter who discovers he has a brain tumor and goes through it’s removal with all of his loved ones – his agent/friend, his mother, his lover, his current boss.  I know it sounds heavy but, in fact it’s really funny as the brain tumor allows for some really fun hallucinations.  Well, I’ve been offered the role of Roger, the leading man’s partner.  Great part, great songs.  It’s going to be so fantastic.  Directed by Daryl Cloran, who I’ve known and wanted to work with but never had the chance to – so that’s also exciting. It’s a cast of 10 and because Acting Up Stage, led by founder and producer Mitchell Marcus, has been doing such well-done, quality productions, great performers are all eager to be a part of his shows.

The show runs from Feb. 12 to Mar. 1 at CanStage Berkeley Street Downstairs.  There will be more info on the Acting Up Stage website soon, including how to get tickets, etc.

Hope to see you all there.

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