Wow, y’all.  It’s been an amazing few days.  Here’s what happened. Monday night I sang at the Fife House benefit at the Canon Theatre, Tuesday night I sang at a Gala night for the Shaw Festival at the Royal York Hotel Ballroom, and last night (Wednesday) I went to the un-televised Gemini Awards.  Whew!!

I know, I know – details. Okay.  So first of all, Fife House Benefit.  For those of you who don’t know Fife House. It’s an organization in Toronto that gives support to people living with HIV/AIDS.  Support in the form of helping with errands, laundry, companionship, etc.  And now they have done so well, they have started building actual accommodation.  I believe they just opened their first new building in Sept.  And they also have new homeless outreach programs.  Extraordinary work they’re doing.  And it’s all volunteer.  It restores my faith in humanity.  So they do this benefit every year for the last . . . 7 years or so. It went well.  Each performer had about 20 minutes to fill.  The one part that was a little weird was the fact that there is a silent auction going on at the same time and it’s not set up that people really stop and pay attention.   So there was a lot of talking.  I’m not a fan of that sort of thing as I work hard on my shit so I have ‘stories’ to tell.  But people did really start to listen after the first song so it ended up okay!!!  Which is awesome.   But some great folks performed.  Paula  Wolfson, Julie Michels, (both of whom were fantastic) and Jayme Armstrong from the HOW DO YOU SOLVE A PROBLEM LIKE MARIA show. I didn’t get to hear her but she looked beautiful.

Then on Tuesday, the Shaw Festival had a big Gala night at the Royal York Hotel.  I think it’s like a fundraiser/make love to the money-folk type of night.  Julie Martel, Gabrielle Jones (who is going to play the drowsy chaperone in THE DROWSY CHAPERONE which I’m about to do in Vancouver), Jeff Madden (who is about to take over the lead in JERSEY BOYS in Toronto) and I did about 5 numbers by Stephen Sondheim. That went really well and was short and sweet.

Then last night was the un-televised Gemini Awards.  They’re like the Emmy’s but Canadian – the television awards.  Cara Pifko was nominated for the movie she and I did about a year and a half ago – I ME WED –  as best performance by an actress in a supporting role in a mini-series or comedy or drama-comi-mini-me-extravaganza something.  Anyway, she asked me to be her date.  It was a fascinating experience.  Fun and fascinating.  Film and TV people are a particular breed, y’all.  It really is an industry where you’re only as good as your last project, and I think it probably makes lovely people become so set on trying to get the next job that they end up have to spend a lot of time, energy and money to be the “it” person.  It was a room full of a lot of tans, hair dye, and boobs. Now having said that, it was a room full of some incredible talent and intelligence.  Nothing is ever just one thing. But it was wild.

Cara and I were at a table right beside the stage.  Crazy.  So the show starts and they announce the first presenter – ANDREA MARTIN.  And out she comes.  Holy Shit, neither Cara nor I knew.  She does her shtick (very funny) and walks off the stage to sit down.  Where does she go to sit . . . . . at our table.  What!!!???!!!  We’re sitting at a round table of about 10. She sits downs five seats from me – across from Cara.  We both start laughing at the insanity. Then, at one point, they announce an award for sound.  They announce the winners as the sound guys for Cowboy Junkies for a Cowboy Junkies TV special and two guys from our table get up – it’s the sound guys for the Cowboy Junkies at our table.  It’s at this point I ask Cara who she had to blow to get these tickets.  COME ON!!!!

So it was a wild few days my friends.  Good times.  Now I’m just packing up to get ready to leave in two days for Vancouver.  I can’t wait. More later.

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  1. what song did you sing ?

  2. Jersey Boys i’ll have to see check it out

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