So here I am in Vancouver.  And it’s beautiful.  Totally beautiful.  Oh my God.  The weather is so nice.  I was walking around today looking for Vancouver Playhouse so I would know where it is for my costume fitting tomorrow.  That’s right – COSTUME FITTING – (insert any screaming like a little girl sound suits your taste) .   The theatre we’re doing the performances in is literally 3 or 4 blocks from my place – What?!! Shut up!!!  But where the Playhouse administration offices/ costume shop, and rehearsal space is a bit further than I expected. It’s about a 20 minute walk which is not at all bad.  Not bad at all.   It’s just about making sure I give myself enough time in the mornings.  And there is also a skytrain that goes near it.  Yes,  skytrain.  How upscale is that?  woohoo.

So my place here.  It’s really beautiful.  It’s not big.  I share it with really sweet young woman (my impulse was to say girl but that is not really correct – even though she is only 21 . . . . . .  I don’t even need to make a punchline for that).  My room is literally a bed.  I don’t mean it only has a bed in it, I mean it’s a bed.  It is the exact size of a double bed.  Clearly meant to be a solarium for a chair a small table and cup of tea – a little doll cup.  There is a space as you walk in that is as wide as the door and about 1 1/2 feet deep to walk in, slide the door closed and get into bed.  Now this may sound disturbing but here’s the thing.  My dad was a porter for VIA Rail fo 38 years so I grew up on the train.  I loved those individual sleeping cars where you pulled the bed down to sleep for the night and it was the whole room. It’s like your bedroom gives you a big hug goodnight.  So I actually dig it and I ‘ve got corner windows (windows on two connected sides and I’m in the city core and we’re on the 22 floor so my view is soooo awesome).  At night, I can lie in bed and look out onto the city in my little private cabin.  I dig it.

So where do I put my things, you ask. I have the hall closet and that also worked out fine.  I think it’s going to be a great time.  And I’ve been running into people here who’ve been so nice.  Everyone has been so helpful and friendly.  I found an amazing gym.  Apparently it’s the best gym in Vancouver and conveniently – IT’S IN MY BUILDING!!!!!  What!!!???!!!

I’m really looking forward to the next 9 weeks.  And now I have to go meet a friend for a drink.

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  1. have fun Mr Allsion

  2. ps you need a room 4 yourself not just a bed u can’t move much with a bed i don’t think
    if i was there i’d rent out a room for you, price would be say 30 dollars and u’d get the whole room
    it’d be bed, dresser, closet maybe!

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