Sorry it’s been so long.  Whew, where to start.  Okay well, we started rehearsal a week ago, Oct. 30 to be exact.  It’s been fantastic, y’all.  Such a good time.  I feel like I’m going to be arrested by the acting police.  I couldn’t be bigger in my choices.  It’s shocking.  The union is having regular meetings to discuss whether they’re going to have to take back my Equity card.  The script actually describes my character as chewing the scenery.  Good Lord.  It’s like having license to go way over the top and it’s encouraged.  And it’s a fantastic group.  Such great people and cast so well.  And we’ve been having such huge laughs.  Max Reimer, our director is on fire.  It’s so great to see him having such a great time and he knows this show and style so well, he ideas are right in the pocket.  And Dayna (Tekach) our choreographer is so fantastic.  She’s getting people who don’t even remotely dance dancing and looking great doing it.  My number is this hilarious tango and it’s the most fun I’ve had dancing in years.

And as for my birthday, it was quiet and really special this year.   It was on Nov. 2 which fell on Sunday, our day off.  I woke up early (I’m still on Toronto time) and started to open e-mails.  There were about 150 and I would respond to all of them and invariably get a message back, so that number would multiply.  I basically answered e-mails for about 4 hours.  It was actually fantastic.  I’d be lying if I said it didn’t feel very touched that people reached out with even the smallest birthday wishes.  It was really nice.  And it had been raining for a couple of days and the forcast for the day was rain all day. Which was fine with me.  Now, you have to understand that I’ve always been touched by a bit of light on my birthday, ie. no matter if there is a snow-storm, on my birthday, the sun comes out.  Well it certainly didn’t look like it this year and I was really fine as I felt very contented.  It was pouring rain and as I was answering e-mails at around 11:30, I suddenly noticed that the light in my apartment here in Vancouver had changed.  I looked up and the clouds had cleared and the sun had come out and cast a warm glow over the whole room which is windows on two sides (corner apartment).  I looked at the forcast and it still said, pouring all day  . . . . the sun stayed until sundown, and included the most extraordinary palettes of oranges as it set, just as a last “Happy Birthday, Thom”.

In the meantime, I finished my e-mails, went to the gym, went for a walk, went into a Chapters and found a book I wanted that for some unknown reason – even the salesclerk didn’t understand why –  it was about 1/3 off.  Then got some sushi take out for dinner that was fantastic.   Oh, it was a good day, my friends.

I feel like there is some magic back in my life that was a little dim for awhile.  I feel really happy and dare, I say blessed –  whatever that means to you is up to you.  LIfe is good, dolls . . let me re-phrase that.  Life is as good as you allow it to be.

Live it and love it.

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  1. Hi Thom How are ya? happy birthday to you

    saw u in annie as Mr Oliver WarBucks & Kevin Power were Great you two both rocked!

  2. what book did u buy?

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