Okay, here is the news.  I won’t make you all wait.  Now, all the “i”s are not dotted nor the “t”s crossed but it’s basically happening so I think I can tell you.  I’m going to be playing Curtis (the Jamie Foxx part in the movie) in DREAMGIRLS at the Grand Theatre in London, ON in Apr/May.  It’s been a strange, long journey to this part.  I was offered the role in the first all-Canadian production that was done at Stage West Calgary last year and couldn’t do it because of a conflict.  Then was offered the role again when Theatre Aquarius and Manitoba Theatre Centre did a co-production with the same director/choreographer and musical director. I went to the Shaw Festival instead.  (I’m not telling tales out of school as all involved know I was offered it.  I don’t want y’all thinking I’m a jerk for shocking the other two gentemen who ended up playing the part.  That would be really shitty of me.  “What, I wasn’t first choice? . . . Damn!”)  Now the Grand is doing the show with same director/choreographer, the wonderful Tim French  (though different musical director – I shall miss you Stephen Woodjetts) and bless him for still wanting my behind in his show.  So this time, I was available and I said yes.  Woohoo.


DREAMGIRLS is one of those shows that, as a Canadian performer of African descent (how politically correct was that? – for those of you who like it plainer like me, “as a black Canadian performer”) it’s rare to have the opportunity to do a show with that many black people on stage at the same time in a musical.  Yes, there’s AIN’T MISBEHAVIN’, which I enjoy but 5 crazy black folk does not a large musical make.  So it’s going to be great to finally do the show after being taunted with it for so long and hear that music every night for 4 weeks.  So if you’re around London in Apr/May, come and catch it.  And even if you’re not around London, could be worth the trip.  Or not, London is a little far.

Oh come on, it’s not too bad, find a friend with a car.

But none of my friends have cars.

Come on the train and see a matinee.

Ah, that’s  great idea, then there’s no excuse.

Great see you there.

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  1. Hi Thom:

    We will be there with bells on.

    Donna – Stratford Ontario

  2. Hey Thom,

    Very cool that you’re going to be doing Dreamgirls. I’ve always wanted to see that show! I heard a rumor that you’re doing another show for Acting Up Stage this winter. Any truth to that?

  3. I will indeed. I scooped myself in an early blog. lol

  4. Oops! Sorry if I shouldn’t have mentioned that!

    I saw you in their production of Elegies a couple of years ago and loved that show. I think that Acting Up Stage is a great little company that does excellent work. I went to Edges a couple of weeks ago, and again, a great show. It was actually someone I was chatting with there at intermission who mentioned that you were rumored to be returning for A New Brain. So, yay for that! I know someone who is on the Board for Acting Up and was going to ask her but haven’t spoken to her yet, so thanks for confirming. You probably know her, or if you don’t, you likely will meet her this year. She’s a great theatre person and has done a bunch for Acting Up, even down to bringing food for everyone at the first readthrough for A Man of No Importance. 🙂 Anyway, no more rambling. Look forward to seeing you onstage again in Toronto!


  5. No, no, not at all. I just meant, yes, I mentioned it in an earlier blog so it’s okay for me to confirm it to you.

    All “rambling” is welcome. I’m really looking forward to A New Brain. I think it’s going to be a great production.



  6. hi Mr Thom Allison
    i’ll be excited to see you in dream girls can’t wait!
    your a really good actor!

  7. Thanks GTF

  8. you’re welcome Mr Thom Allsion

  9. Bring on dream girls okay come on april
    u can come fast now

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