Had an interesting moment today.  I was writing an e-mail to a friend who just recently lost a pet – I mean lost in the ‘eternal rest’ sort of way – and without thinking I wrote something that I believed but I was so gladdened (that’s right, I wrote gladdened and I’m not ashamed) to see it come out of me so freely.    The jist (sp?) is that we can choose to find joy in our lives.  We have that power.  One could say that we can’t control what happens to us and to an extent that is true . . . . hmmm  wait, I may be opening up one whopping can-of-worms here.  Okay let’s leave the existential discussion of how much we control the universe out of it.   (To be honest, I’m not even remotely convinced that is the correct use of the word  “existential” – it just felt right)  Or maybe we can’t.  But let’s just say, there is a lot we can’t necessarily  control.   I do believe we can have more control in what comes at us by what we put out there.  But my point is, what we definitely can control is how we deal with the shitty things that come at us.  We can choose to be broken by them or defeated or depressed  or to withdraw.  ORRRRRR (or would that be oooooooooor) we can choose to go, “Okay, that was shitty but that doesn’t change the how much my friends or my partner love me”; or it doesn’t change how beautiful your favourite piece of music is or a park or how much you enjoy cooking or writing or . . . spelunking (shut up, I’m trying to cover ground). 

There is beauty everywhere all the time.  Yes, some moments it takes a little more work to see it but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful.    Of course, I’m not saying not to grieve a loved one or a lost job.  But what I’m saying is, ultimately that loved one would hate to know you were spending the next year or 3 or 10 grieving instead of celebrating their life; and that job you got fired from was obviously not the one for you and now you are free to start what you should be doing – the universe just gave you the shove you needed.   

I work very hard to believe and practice (sp? – I never remember when to use the ‘s’ and when to use the ‘c’) the idea of “everything that happens to you is only as bad or good as you decide it is”.  In other words, the crappiest slap in the face can be a blessing if you realize how much it saves you on rouge. . . no wait, that was a terrible analogy.  Um.  ………………Well you get the picture.  Choose joy.  That’s what this is all about.  You can choose to be angry or sad or mad or to hold on to ugliness and hurt . . . or  you can let it go and clear your heart and choose joy. 

So . . . CHOOSE JOY!!!!


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  2. you got a good sense of humor Mr Allison
    reading this post put a smile on my face thanks

  3. I totally agree with this. “There is nothing good or bad, only thinking makes it so.”

  4. i agree too

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