Sorry it’s been sooooooooo long, my peeps.  So we’ve been rehearsing like mad-people (trying to be non-gender-specific).  But what an amazing time it’s been rehearsing the show.  Seriously, I’m not just saying that because I hate the cast and I’m trying to be polite on my blog (not that I would do that).  Great people and the crew is awesome and they seem to be enjoying the show too which is fantastic.

So, we had our first audience last night.  It was amazing.  They got everything.  They laughed at things we didn’t think they’d even catch.  Now I have to be honest.  Because my performance is so over-the-top as called for in the script, I was a little concerned that the audience would wonder what the hell I was doing.  But to my delight, they got it and I had a great time.  They really went on the ride with me which made me happy as I was starting to think, “hmmm, I know this is supposed to be too much, but is this “too much” too much?  Apparently not.  I’m interested to see how other audiences react.  They were so attentive right off the top, I don’t want to get my hopes up.

One of the many things making this such a great experience is Gabrielle Jones.  She’s playing the Drowsy Chaperone.  My dears, my dears, my very dears . . . . when she sings her solo, you can feel the audience go from “I wonder where this is going to go” to “Holy Sweet Mother of God!” in about 2 1/2 minutes.  It’s brilliant.  And then I basically spend the rest of the show with her.  I couldn’t be happier.  Not only is she a wonderful actress, singer, and comedienne, but this is one of the most generous, fun, charming, intelligent, and giving human beings I’ve ever met.

Something else I feel needs to be mentioned is Dayna Tekach’s choreography. If you guys don’t know her, you should.  Not only is she a wonderful performer in her own right (she was my Cinderella in INTO THE WOODS at Stratford) but she has managed to make an entire company of mostly non-dancers look like they’re not just dancing but TAPPING their asses off.   The choreo is so perfect and fun and dancey and it follows the narrative – which is one of the problems I find with some choreography – it doesn’t tell a story I can latch onto. It’s so of the period but so dancable for those of us who are good movers but don’t kick our legs up to our armpits.  And when it’s simple, it looks so good and impressive, it seems like we’re kicking our legs up to our armpits.  She was a perfect accompaniment to Max Reimer, our director who had such a clear vision of the world we were living in, it was like spreading peanut butter on toast – where else was it gonna go?  I feel like this show is a real gift, especially for the holidays.

And today was our day off.  And so far so good.  It’s only 4:26pm here.  I got up and had some breakfast, went to the gym and did a leg day (I may regret that tomorrow . . . oh wait, I already do) and then went for a 2 1/2 hour walk to and around Stanley Park (the big-ass park that’s the size of a small country).  And now, I don’t know.  I’m writing this, then I may go have a bath or lie down and read for awhile.  It’s such a luxury to not have to worry about the show or feel I should go through something.  I feel like I can leave it for today and do a whole lot of unwinding.  Life is good, y’all, life is good.

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  1. thats good that life is good Mr Allison
    you do such a great job on stage and acting
    you sing very well too

  2. you can read while your lieing down?
    do you sleep?

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