A little bit of Aldolpho (the character I’m playing in The Drowsy Chaperone right now).  Enjoy.







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  1. These are brilliant – I do love a good ham!

    You must be having a blast!!


  2. It’s pretty freakin’ fun.

  3. If you were selling used cars I would have to buy one from you! Love the pics!

  4. great pictures of u Thom

  5. What did you think of the matinee with all the school students on November 26th? Was the reception much different compared to the evening performances?

    • The kids were fantastic. Shockingly into it. And they really got the show which the best part. And they got almost as much as the adults did. I was a real pleasure playing for them.

  6. do you get to keep your costume/ play outfits?
    is there an actor or actress you would like to work with again?

    • We don’t get to keep costumes outright but sometimes we can buy them. Sometimes they keep them to use again or use as rentals.

      There are many actors and actresses I would work with again. This whole cast I’m working with again, for instance. Luckily, the business is a small world and invariably you work with people again and again which is comforting.

  7. wow thats neat, really neat
    Ihave got another question for you sorry about the questions too really sorry do you have a favrourite theatre/ place you like to be on stage most?

  8. ps is there any thing you would like for christmas Mr Allsion? Happy Hoildays!

    • Yes, my credit card paid off. LOL. Happy Holidays to you, too. Hope they’re filled with love and light.

  9. lol thats a good answer Hope Your Holidays are filled with Mercy and Peace and wow I just Noticed
    your time your 1 day ahead of us its only dec6 here
    and like almost 10 pm here your in Vancouver right
    thats in Bc right? sorry am little slow.
    anyways im out Have a good weekend Mr Allison

  10. Hey Thom may i ask you a question
    when your on stage at the grand theatre Ldn and the stage lights are on can you see the people
    up in the balconies and the people sitting down below
    just wonderin

    • Mostly forms but not specifics. faces become clearer the closer they get but I tend not to look close. It’s too odd.

  11. Thank u Mr Allison always wondered that I hope u don’t mind that I put the link to your website on my face book page.
    so any1 who goes to my face book page can come to your site KevinPwers site and GeorgeMasswohls site
    too. I used a picture of you Mr Allison for a quiz as well as some other actors, well kinda I copyed it
    and pasted it. hope u don’t mind, you seem like a nice guy/ actor sorry

    • Nope, don’t mind at all.

      • haha thanks GTF. You’re way too kind.

  12. Thom Allison – Moon River
    Thom Allison- I Got It Bad
    voice of an angel they say only angels fly high
    but they must have counted wrong because theres on angel flying low

  13. oh man not blushing or am I? lol your welcome Mr Allison
    aww well thats very sweet of you to say that but your kinder then I,am . say is there a way I could contact Kevin Power at all or do u know how I could get though to somebody who may know? he’s a good actor loved him in Annie I made sure when he was on stage my eyes were on him just him lol kidding
    but they were on you too the frist time I saw you in Annie was in Nov 2005 balcony like dd 37
    2nd time I saw you was Dec 1 something orchestra left j 8 or something like that and u looked alot bigger on stage. Kevin did too
    say is he friendly ? I think you may become my fave frist actor even though Kevins #1 and you’re # 6
    but I could probably change that around lol

  14. alright i’m out later Mr Allison gotta work.

  15. hey Voice of an angel/Thom/Mr Allison
    just wondering where the place was that you sang moon river at and would you ever do a concent are you in to concerts or just acting/singing
    i’d be awesome to see you sing for a few hours one night.
    be pretty koolI think !

  16. Hey, I went last night to the show with a few of my friends and our moms, and we laughed the whole way through! Especially our moms… that was a little bit embarrassing, actually. You were amazing! The Tango bit was spectacular (and by that I mean my stomach almost exploded with laughter). Well done!

    • Thanks Sarah, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. (And your moms too – sorry if they embarrassed you. ;))

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