Okay I know I’m overdue for a post but I had to just post this because someone just sent it to me and it made me laugh . . . REALLY HARD!!!!

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  1. LOL nice, reminds me of asking you do you have any kids mr Allison?

  2. wheres all ur ppl?

  3. ps Thom are you in the movie snow?
    ur in I me wed which i’ll be watchin later on today
    πŸ™‚ and the road to christmas oh man i missed that one too oop’s i noitced in that movie ur name is michele and one last dance u were shannon isnt that a girl name did u play a guy or girl in those movies?

    • Don’t know a movie called Snow? Or so you mean Let It Snow? That was renamed Road to Christmas. And the character Michele was Italian so it was pronounced Mi-kay-lay. And Shannon was a pre-operative Transexual (guy becoming girl who still has her penis) and that was in Leaving Metropolis. In One Last Dance I played the babysitter (no name assigned).

      What else? No, I don’t have kids. I don’t know what you mean “wheres all ur ppl?” I don’t have any contact info for Kevin, sorry. I sang Moon River at a club called Statler’s in Toronto. I eventually want to start doing more concert and cabaret work than theatre or film and TV. I can read while lying down.

      I hope I got everything.

  4. u got everything thanks . Sorry thats okay if u don’t know
    what I mean at times. I understand.I don’t know what I mean at times either LOL.
    where’s all ur ppl means where are the fans.
    I guess I shouldhave said where are the Fans
    maybe itwould have be easier 4 u to know what I meanSorry Dumb Question Sorry
    I’ll try to make it so u know what I mean next time road to christmas sounds like a good movie havent seen it yet
    and one last dance I think I seen that
    I’m amazed that you answered all those questions
    u didnt need to, thanks! and Sorry too .

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