Hey y’all. I know it’s been awhile. I don’t have much to report as of the moment. The reviews came out for the show and were pretty much glowing. Thank God. It’s not just great for me, although, as you’ll see in the “NEWS AND REVIEWS” section of my website, I did very well – hallelujah – but for the Max and the theatre, it’s great news. The response from the community has also be so overwhelmingly positive. That is huge for Max as it’s his first directing gig at the Playhouse and he brought over a handful of ‘non-locals’. Luckily, the ‘non-locals’ he brought all got some of the best reviews which as least doesn’t give room for his judgement on the matter being called into question.

It’s a funny thing this aversion many places have to bringing in ‘non-locals’. It’s not just Vancouver, it happens everywhere. Although I do appreciate a place or group wanting to have/find/maintain there own voice but if you never share that voice with larger groups or hear other voices, how do you grow or stay open. Especially as artists and specifically theatre, as that is my milieu, I certainly don’t understand the desire to keep “interlopers” away. If it’s fear that the newbies will take your jobs, well, I’m afraid my question is this, if you’re not good enough to get the job over a newbie, why should you have it in the first place? We all can learn things from each other. I’ve been so fortunate to work in a good handful of different places and each group in those places has a different way of working. You learn things from that and you take what is good for you and leave what isn’t but it informs who you are as an artist. I don’t get the fear of someone coming in. If they aren’t good and they are coming in, that’s different. But if feathers are ruffled just because a different voice is coming to add to the mix, get out of the business. Art is a living, breathing animal. That’s what makes is exciting. And breathing the same air can become stale, no matter how much you think you are “shakin’ it up”.

And working with the same people constantly without shake-up is too dangerous in theatre. Yes, there is absolutely a trust that can built up which can lead to more risks being taken but it can also lead to too much safety. Introducing as least one new voice every now and then creates a bit of danger, a bit of the unknown and that’s when great things happen. It’s the unknown.

Anyway, other than opening, I’ve just been enjoying the cast and Vancouver. Walking around a lot. Meeting up with old friends. It’s been awesome.

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  1. thats good the reviews came out and great stuff said too sweet wow good job Thom! very exciting!
    good to see you out walking around and enjoying
    yourself your cast and everything else there.

    Love ur blogs by the way
    they are fanstic
    so it goes on for till april?
    might i need say I Me Wed fanstic movie by the way
    ur funny in that ! I like that . Great Job Thom
    and best of luck with your show as well

  2. Thom your a very great role model to me
    and your also an Inspiration to me as well
    If I could have any thing for xmas it would sure be
    to meet you.!
    their right when they say angels fly low
    and Thank you Thank you so Much! you always put a smile on my face wheather its on screen or at the theatre you always put a smile on my face and I thank you for eveything you do. Best Wishes to you

    • Happy Holidays, GTF

  3. Happy Holidays! Mr Allsion

    • GTF, as a rule, I don’t respond to comments on youtube. Just something I tend not to do. But no, I’ve not been on Broadway. I’ve wanted to be an actor since I was 4.

  4. aww 4 years old thats cute really its cute.

    thats a good rule thank u 4 telling me .
    if you could change lives with a american actor would you?

  5. I didnt know that was a rule I’m sorry
    Mr Allison sir sorry

    • Chill out, GTF. It’s not a “rule” per se, I just don’t and didn’t want you to think I was just ignoring you. And you can relax with the whole “Mr. Allison sir” stuff. Not necessary.

  6. allright i’m calm, im just happy u didnt block me i was scared that u would have blocked me

    thanks for not blocking me on there
    I wouldnt and don’t wanna lose you
    as a role model i donno what else 2 call you
    what would you like to be called?

    • haha Thom is just fine. You do get a bit overzealous. I do appreciate your enthusiasm but you walk a little closely to the edge of stalking sometimes, GTF. 😉 I’ve had that experience before and I’m not looking to repeat that. Hope you have a happy new year.

  7. allright i’m calm, im just happy u didnt block me i was scared that u would have blocked me
    thanks for not blocking me on there
    I wouldnt and don’t wanna lose you
    as a role model i donno what else 2 call you
    what would you like to be called?

  8. over zealous whats that? i gotcha u want me 2 stop coming 2 ur site right no problem sorry.

    happy new yaer !

    • Hey GTF. Overzealous just means a little over-eager. And no, I don’t mean for you to stop coming to the site. You just like to write a lot with a lot of questions which I don’t always have time to respond to. I like that you come to my site. By all means come and visit. You’re totally welcome. I hope you had a really great new year too.

  9. hithank ya u 2

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