Well, here we are.   A New Brain ended about 4 days ago.  It’s early Thursday morning and I can’t sleep (rare for me but it happens) so I thought I would talk to my peeps.  Nothing much to say, just some updates and musings so follow me as I ramble.

The closing went really well.   Really nice house, attentive, vocal, fun.  The show had a good bounce to it.   So many people from the business came to see the show throughout the run.  Which shouldn’t have surprised me but it still did.  In the first big group number, we sing to the audience and there was nowhere to look.  “Oh, look, there’s Charlotte Moore, Oh, God, there Jackie Maxwell, Jeez, there’s Brad Fraser.” As horrifying as it is to see off the top, it was wonderful that all of these people came to support us.

After the show, our wonderful stage manager, Stephanie Nakamura, had the cast and crew over to her apartment for a party.  It was great.  I hadn’t been eating a lot of sugar but that night, children, Whoooo.   I ingested enough sugar to make a 5-year-old’s head explode.   And woke up with the grossest sugar hang-over  (note: not from alcohol but sugar).  But it was really fun. It was sad to say bye to everyone but quite frankly, I know I’ll probably work with everyone again in the next 5 – 7 years so I don’t really mourn shows anymore.  I’m always ready to move on to something else.  But this cast was very special.  I would love to work with this same group again some day.  We kept joking about that.  How Mitchell Marcus, our producer, should just pick a show for the ten of us to do together next year.  Something tells me not to hold my breath . . . . . fair enough.

Since then, papa hasn’t stopped, y’all.  My God.  I’ve been trying to get my shit together.  And by shit, I mean learning material.  Okay,here’s the list.  I’m doing SING OUT, LOUISE! the fundraiser for Buddies In Bad Times on Monday, Mar. 9 (this monday), then my own cabaret RAINBOWS AND SONGBIRDS at Buddies in Bad Times on Monday Mar. 16 – for which I need to learn about 23/24 songs.  Plus I need to be getting really familiar with the score for DREAMGIRLS which I start in about 2 1/2 weeks.  Plus I need to re-learn and learn all of the material, old and new,  for my PRISCILLA, QUEEN OF THE DESERT final callback which will be a the end of March.  So needless to say, I don’t really have time to sit on my laurels.  But you know what, I like being busy.  I don’t really mind but I’ve also had all of these little things that have been taking up time so I haven’t really been able to concentrate on things the way I’ve wanted to so I need to restructure my time.

Oooo listen to me “restructure my time”.  I’m all ‘project manager’.

Anyway, excited.  Lots of things in the fire.

Oh, if you guys read this in the next two days, go see a show called BLIND DATE  at the Brigantine Room at Harbourfront. Oh my god, sooooo funny.  Actress/clown Rebecca Northan does sort of a one-woman show.  She brings up an audience member up and improvs a blind date for an hour and a half.  Seriously, y’all, amazing. But it’s only on until Mar. 5 or 6 so run, don’t walk. I was there with Susan Henley, Steve Ross, Randy Reid and Jon Kaplan and we laughed a lot!!!  I love creative things like that.

Hmmm  what else?  Don’t know.  I guess nothing.  Okay more another time.  Still some news coming but I haven’t signed anything yet so I can’t say officially.  I’ll let you know.

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