page_1So here we are, my friends.  My cabaret RAINBOWS AND SONGBIRDS is tomorrow night, Monday, Mar. 16.  I’m really excited.  Wayne Gwillim and I have really come up with a program (well, two really) that makes us really happy.  We spent a lot of time giggling after rehearsing several of the songs.  I hope people are delighted and surprised.  I love crafting songs that make people do two things.  1) really hear the lyrics for the first time, and 2) hear the music in a way they wouldn’t have thought of before.  Plus we have some songs that I’m sure no one, or at least very few people, will have heard before.  What’s also fun about the first set, which is all Harold Arlen material (Wizard of Oz), is that there are a lot of songs people won’t realize were his.  The only thing is we’ve, …well okay, … I’VE changed songs around so much – added, shifted, taken away – that some of them are a little new in my head.  I may have to “cheat-sheet” a couple of songs.  I hate that but there are over 25 songs so if I have to cheat on a couple, c’est la vie.  I’ll work it into the feel of the show and even make using cheat-sheets fun/funny.  (I hope)

I think it’s going to be a good house.  God only knows.  I keep hearing from a lot of people that they’re coming to the show.  I always have the little bit of worry that no one’s going to show up.  But the great part is I’m going to have fun no matter what.  That’s why I’m really feeling like moving toward cabaret and concert work is the right decision for me.  I love being able to sing songs that I love and telling stories I want to tell in the ways I want to tell them.  That’s very exciting to me.  So we’ll see.  I’m interesting to see if people enjoy my sensibility in the show tomorrow.  If they follow, if they “pick up what I’m puttin’ down” – as the kids say nowadays (or in the 1970’s, whatever).  If people who are reading this are coming, I hope you have a ball.  I’ll do my best to turn it out for you.

In other thoughts.  I had dinner last night with a fascinating woman who is a professor of linguistics.  Brilliant and funny and fun and charming.  We had a amazing time talking about art and education and travel and on and on and on.  One of the things we talked about is how people learn.  What makes students – young students ie. junior high/high school students – interested in learning.  We talked about how to make the information register in a young mind.   What we came up with was the idea that the most successful teachers are the ones who find ways to make their subject apply to the everyday life of the listeners.  ie. “I want to be a plumber, how do I use calculus in an applicable way?”.  Hmm  okay that’s a weird analogy but you get the idea.  And it got me talking and thinking about how lucky I am that I had some amazing teachers/mentors who found ways to link me in.   So I just wanted to thank Mr. Stepushyn (sp?)(physics), Mr. Normandale (english), and my english/art teacher Eleanor ______ (I can’t remember her last name now) for believing in my, encouraging me, nurturing me and linking me to the real world and sending me into it prepared and armed.

P.S. There is some work related news coming very soon.

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