Well, it happened.  We opened last night and it went pretty smoothly.  I think it’s actually a really good production of a hard show to do.   The audiences in London can be rather reserved so I wasn’t sure how it would go over but they were so vocal throughout.  I was admittedly shocked.  They were totally along for the ride and were on their feet at the end -which I’ve not known the London audiences to be.

Now as for my own performance.  Ummmm  well, I’m not totally unhappy with it but I do still feel effects of not quite having enough time.  I would have liked a few more days to get the material into my body and explore all of the possibilities of Curtis.  He’s a complicated man.  I hope I was able to get some of his complications and even though he does some things in the show that can label him a “bad guy”, he has so many qualities that make him a great guy or at least, certainly, a visionary.  My goal is that, even though people will dislike him, they will feel sorry for him a little at the end.  Hmmmm We’ll see.  I don’t think I was bad but I feel like my performance got a little overwrought at times.  What I mean by that is that I think I was working a little too hard for the emotion in trying to keep him human.  We’ll see.  I do love this company and to any of you who are thinking of coming to see it – do, by all means.

And now we have a two-show day.  (Bad planning)  But that’s okay.  Two shows today, one tomorrow and then off to Toronto to do the Paul Simon benefit on monday.  If any of you are around, come.  It should be a great night.


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