So I’m sitting here in Toronto post-performance of Sound of Silence.  It was amazing, y’all.  What a fun night.  I love being able to see friends and collegues who I adore and respect interpret these Paul Simon songs.  And Reza Jacobs’ arrangements were so spectacular.  I wanted to steal a couple of them.  And by steal, I mean . . . . . well  . . . steal them.  No but they were seriously great (I’m stealing them).

I won’t single out any one person as that leads to bad feelings and I don’t need to do that.  But I will tell a funny incident.  At the end of the second act (and that was the last act) I was supposed to sing the second last song and then Blythe Wilson (Baroness Schrader in the Mirvish’s THE SOUND OF MUSIC) was to sing the last song.  Well Blythe mistook a cue and went out for what was to be my turn.  I saw Reza Jacobs, who was also the musical director, look very puzzled. So I walked to her and put my hand on her shoulder.  She looked at me, realized she had screwed up, scrunched up her face, turned back to the microphone, and said “Excuse me.”  Then she walked offstage amid much laughing, particularly from me but quite frankly, it set my number up perfectly.  My song was Loves Me Like A Rock and because of lack of time, I knew it wouldn’t be really clean (with a 12 person student back-up choir) so I had, at the last minute, decided to make it into a comic turn.  Well that incident with Blythe put it into the perfect place.  The audience was already laughing and bubbling.

My other song  was Still Crazy After All These Years.  I loved doing that one. It was just me and piano and all melancholy and slightly depressive.  I love interpretting songs.  That’s what I think I derive the most joy from.  Storytelling in song.  I love what music can do but being trained as an actor, I love creating little mini-plays with a song even more.

More, more, more!!!!!

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