Hey all.  Okay, I should have gotten to this sooner.  Okay, first things first.

DREAMGIRLS CLOSING:  It went really well.  It was a great run.  I think it did extremely well for the theatre.  We seemed to be at least 80 – 85% average.  It always seemed pretty full.  And the cast got along really well.  We had some allergy issues come into play with some voices right near the end but everyone made it. Whew!!!  Thank God.  We did not need people going down the last 3 shows.   So the end of another run passes without incident.  And on top of that, I ended up getting a really nice review in one of the papers which was nice, especially  since I didn’t think I was particularly interesting in the part.  But I’ve realized something.  I often don’t.  hahahaha or maybe it’s just the last few.  Well, no I loved Drowsy Chaperone and I thought I was pretty good in that I must say.  And I didn’t hate myself in A New Brain.  But there were parts where I didn’t love me in in that show. Ah well. As long as the public enjoyed it and I didn’t hate myself.  That’s all that matters.  lol

TRIBUTE TO NORMAN JEWISON:  So on Monday night, I sang at this benefit for the Regent Park rebuilding project which was a tribute to Norman Jewison and Reverend Gordon Winch.  It was wild.  Really fun.  The evening was hosted by Don Harron.  And in between videos and a couple of speeches, 7 performers, mostly from the musical world, were brought in to sing songs from Mr. Jewison’s films.  The performers were myself, Jackie Richardson, Louise Pitre, Alana Bridgewater, Jennie Such, Danny Brooks, and Yvan Pedneault.  I got to sing a medley of “Heaven On The Minds” and “Jesus Christ Superstar” which went well, even though I screwed up some of the lyrics but still sold the shit out of it.  I had a moment where I became so aware of Norman Jewison watching me sing this song. Aaaaaahhhh.  Then there was a party afterwards and many people said lovely things about my performance so I guess I didn’t screw up too badly.  Whew!  But what was really cool was Jackie Hennessy, twin sister of well-known actress Jill Hennessy, was there and . . . well I won’t give the details because it will sound too conceited but she really liked my work, which needless to say, was very cool.

BACK HOME:  And now here I am, back in Toronto – Post Dreamgirls, Post Norman Jewison.  I’m really looking forward to being here for the summer.   What’s coming up?  Well, just little bits for right now.

1.  I and David Rogers are going to be guests of Marcus Nance at Statler’s on June 8.

2.  I’ll be Sharron Matthews guest on one of her final Sharron’s Party’s in June.

3.  I’ll be part of Canadian Stage’s Festival of Ideas and Creation.  Broadway composer and Tony Award Winner William Finn is going to be in town to do a couple of masterclasses and an up-close and personal evening.  At the evening, 4 performers (myself, Steven Gallagher, Barbara Barsky, and Eliza-Jane Scott) will perform numbers from his shows between the interview segments, which will be mediated by Richard Ouzounian.  June 22, at 7:00

Really excited about that.

And that’s about it, kids.  Other than that, it’s a summer of continuing to open up my own possiblities.  I’m hopefully going to do another cabaret.  And I’m also banking on it being a “film and TV summer”.  So pray, my children.

You know I just went away from the computer for  few minutes, lost in thought.

“What was Thom thinking?”

I’m glad you asked, y’all.  I was thinking that on the road to becoming who we are, we go through being so many people.  And we make so many of the same mistakes.  Growing, changing, dare I say “evolving” takes so many conscious choices to find it’s way.  I’m realizing it’s not the path itself that becomes easier, it’s the willpower it takes to keep making risky/difficult/costing choices that becomes stronger.  You just get used to being brave.   Bravery can become a habit.  I find myself, right now, wandering through a world of trying to make choices that are hard but I know are ultimately the right ones.  I stumble, I fall, I get up, I persevere, I triumph, I stumble again, but maybe don’t fall, etc.   The trick is to tell those negative voices that tell you “I told you so” to suck it, then pick yourself up and say “I’ll do better next time” and keep on walking.  I have things I want to accomplish in this life and I won’t let myself get in my own way anymore.

So join with me y’all.  Repeat after me,  “BRAVERY IS THE NEW BLACK” – it looks good on everyone. (And it’s so slimming)

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