hahha  I know that sounds terribly important.    Really this is just an observation.  I feel like I may have said this before in a blog but – who cares? – it’s my blog. I can say it again if I want.  I just saw a commercial for The Bonnie Hunt Show. (She’s a funny chick) She had the young actor on who is playing Sean (P.Diddy) Combs in the movie NOTORIOUS and he had said his mother had made him and his brothers slaves for her.  Bonnie picked up on that and sad “Ooooohhh, surely that’s not the word for it.”  Very funny.  But it got me suddenly thinking about race and how much if our race issues are visual.    What I mean is, I’m a man of mixed race, and there certainly are a lot more areas where “mixed” is considered a viable answer for “Race” on questionaires, etc.  But for all intents and purposes, I’m most often categorized as black.  Which is not a bad thing at all and this is certainly not a diatribe about race issues.  As I said, it’s more an observation.  I’m just as much white as I am black but racially, I’d never be called white.  The closest I’ve come is Italian. ahhaahh.  Which I still consider a great honour.

There is no point to this really.  Just a thought I wanted to share.  It’s so much about a visual.  I’m never so aware of how lucky I am to have blue-green eyes as when I go through customs.  My name is generic but I see them look at my passport and look at me:  light-ish brown skin, shaved head.  I could possibly be profiled.  But I can always see that quiet moment when they look into my eyes and see the colour and they realize I’m no one to be concerned about.  It’s a bit freaky but again, all visual.

I just think it would be kooky to be described as a dark-skinned white guy sometime.  hahahaahahahaha

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  1. I’ve always liked your tan

  2. . Even look at Obama…here’s a guy who was in the womb of a white woman from Kansas for nine months, was raised by his two WHITE grandparents, and who saw his black father twice in his lifetime, yet he’s considered…black.

    I agree it’s become so shady the definitions. The truth is we will eventually all be brown as societies mix and they must. We’re pretty much all gonna look like you…which isn’t a bad thing at all if you ask me.

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