I just spent 5 days at the Shaw Festival.   I visited friends and saw shows.  It was a great time.  Highlights – if you have to steal, beg, borrow, sell a kidney, go and see BORN YESTERDAY.  Oh my God, y’all, it is such a great production. Everyone is so on their game.  The design is gorgeous, the direction is clear and direct, the acting is top-notch.  Thom Marriot and Gray Powell are so fantastic and great foils for each other.  And Deb Hay proves that she should be worshipped by anyone lucky enough to have her in their show.  One of those performances that makes me proud to be an actor.  I know that sounds a bit hi-fallutin’ . . . perhaps even low-fallutin’ . . . at least medium-fallutin, but it’s so great so see someone really grab a part and make it her own.  I also really recommend Moon For the Misbegotten and Devil’s Desciple.  Good times, people, good times.

Other than that, it’s a quiet summer.  I’ve got 6 weeks (ish) until we start rehearsals for Drowsy Chaperone in Edmonton.  Looking forward to that.

NEWS:  So I do have a little news.  I’m doing a cabaret at Buddies In Bad Times on Friday, July 31 at 7:30.  I’m just working out what I’m doing for it but it will be a combo of Jerry Herman tunes and tunes from black musicals on Broadway through the ages. I’ve been wanting to do a Herman tribute for a while.  He gets a bad wrap these days as being old-fashioned.  Well stylistically, the music is a little old-school. But they’re beautiful tunes and he writes incredibly poignant and evocative lyrics.  So I’m hoping to open up a little love for the “Jer”.   I’m getting excited.  I will be sending out formal e-mails/facebook messages very soon but for now, just mark it down.

Okay, s’all for now.


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  1. Thom, it was wonderful seeing you at the Shaw once again, even if you weren’t on stage. It was even more delightful to finally meet you.

    I know I said I never comment on your blog, but I thought, now that we’d met, it might be a good time to start doing so. I really do find it fascinating reading.

    The Herman tribute sound wonderful and very much over due in my humble opinion. I’d love to attend, but as I mentioned I don’t get far from home very often these days. So I’ll offer up my heartfelt positive vibes for your performance and hope to read all about it after the fact right here.

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