DaliTimeHmmm.  I’ve very recently had an experience that brings to mind the ideas of Einstein and the Secret.  I’ll be wildly paraphrasing any and everything I may quote so don’t anyone get all “that’s not what Einstein said. myah, myah, myah . . . ”

Einstein’s theory (paraphrasing) that time does not exist, that we as humans have created time in a need to shape and control our world, when in fact, everything is actually happening at once – is the most fascinating idea that I’ve ever encountered.  It explains so much to me.  Why time seems so liquid.  It can go so fast or so slowly.  How sometimes you can get so much done and other times it’s like you barely get started.  The context for this blog is this – I just had an experience I’ve been waiting to have for about 18 years.  Yes 18 years!!!!  I usually hate waiting 18 minutes.  But it’s something I thought would never happen and when it did and it was so wonderful, it was like the 18 years never even happened – time literally fell away and I was back 18 years ago.

It put me in mind of the idea that we, as busy people, lead such hectic lives.  How often do you hear the phrase “I don’t have enough time.”  or “There aren’t enough hours in the day.”???  Well what if we let go of that idea and went with the thought, “I have enough time in the my day to get done what has to be done and then some.” and used that as a mantra?  (which brings in a bit of The Secret).

I firmly believe that you are what you think you are and that we create (or at least help to create) your own reality.  Whether you believe in The Secret or The Power of Positive Thinking or. . . .  worshipping Satan.  If that’s what you believe your world to be and you commit to it, that’s what your world is going to be.  I know many people worked very hard to find fault with The Secret and pick it apart as opposed to finding the heart of what the book was trying to say. (I know the cheesy DVD didn’t help – Bless)  But how consistently contended are those people in their own lives.  And how many of the people who chose to find joy in the affirmations have changed their lives for the better.   Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying The Secret is or isn’t the answer.  And it’s not like there is some magic solution but choosing to generate positive energy for yourself and those around you and believe in your own power to create positive things can’t help but create positive things – or at the very least, make your days brighter and how is that a bad thing?

Especially in these times when money is scarce and jobs are insecure.  You can’t control much but you can control how you face each day and deal with the people in your life.  If you are allowing not having much money to dictate your personal joy, perhaps it’s time to rethink your priorities.

And, of course, it’s not just about money.  I was having this discussion just the other day with a friend. It’s about so much more than that.  I know bad things can happen to people.  Been there done that.  There will always be horrible things that befall folks (that’s right, I wrote “befall” and I’m not sorry) but we can’t ever be taken away is our own choice in how to go forward.  We can chose to let it beat us down or soldier on.  There is always a positive way to move forward.  Death, imprisonment, bad haircut.

Anyway, time!    It’s ours to be creative with.  The only one who can truly waste it is you!

I suddeny feel like I’ve written this whole blog before . . . . hmm maybe I did.  Who has time to go back and check?  I’m very very living my joyful life.  😉

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  1. Thom, I absolutely agree with you. When I chose to change the way I look at life to a consistently positive outlook, things came together in unexpected ways. I continue to be surprised, delighted or inspired every day. I truly believe that our thoughts create our reality. Thank you for laying it out the way you did in this post.

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