Well, I did it.  I lived through the show.  It was a wild ride.  It was also a bit nerve wracking.  I usually give myself 6 weeks to prepare as I tend to do a lot of songs.   Well, I made the mistake of still doing lots of songs but I only had 3 weeks.  Good Lord, y’all.  I’m realizing people tend to do 7 to 14 songs in an evening like that.  I did . . . . . .  26 (27 with encore).  WHAT?!?!?!?!??!!?!!??!?!   Eek!!!  Needless to say, I had some lyric issues.  But I laid it out on the table at the beginning that I was an idiot and that the evening was basically a test of will.  LOL

I ended up forgetting some lyrics but not badly.  And when I did, I was able to just work it in and make jokes and keep the ball bouncing – I think. hahaha  The crowd didn’t seem to mind.  But I actually remembered most of them and most of the songs went really well.    But it did teach me a few things.  One – if I AM going to sing a lot of songs, I need at least 6 weeks of prep.  Two – if I have less time, do less songs and tell more stories.  Three and most importantly, DO NOT SING “I AM CHANGING” FROM DREAMGIRLS 24 SONGS IN!!!  Good God, what was I thinking??!!!

What was amazing was due to the beautiful article Richard Ouzounian wrote about my show on Thursday and me singing at Metropolitan Community Church on the Sunday before, I was sold out.  Even better was a lot of people weren’t regulars.  They had heard me sing at church or known of me and read I was doing the show.  So many new faces.  Really thrilling.  And they seemed to enjoy it.  I got a rather enthusiastic standing ovation at the end of the evening, sold some CD’s and many people stuck around to tell me how much they enjoyed the show.  It was pretty exhausting and exciting.

On another front, I saw The Sound Of Music last night. What a beautiful production.  Oh my word.  The mountain?  Come on.  What a simple but clever bit of stage craft.  And the singing is absolutely beautiful.    Definitely worth a see.

And there you are.  Now I have two weeks before I start Drowsy Chaperone.  Time to re-learn the show. I’m looking forward to getting to Edmonton and working at The Citadel.  And getting to the West Edmonton Mall.  I have memories of being there when I was a kid.  My Aunt Helen, along with Uncle Abe and my cousin Stan, used to live there so we’d visit them every now and then.  When I was about 12/13, Stan and I were wandering the mall.  On a whim I stuck my finger in a pay phone and the slot would barely open.  I realized it was full of change.  I started fishing and walked away with $7.35 in change.  At 12/13, I had basically just won the lottery.  So much ice cream and candy.  I was in love with the mall forever after that.

Hopefully I’ll have a lot of stories when I’m there.  In the meantime, I’m heading off to see a friend for a couple of days.   And then I’m going to see another friend in Niagara Falls for about 2 or 3 days.  She’s singing with her Jazz band on Friday night and I’ve never really gotten to see her do her thing.   I love being busy.

Um . . . . that’s it . . . . for now . . . . . stop staring at me.

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