I have several blogs to catch up on.  So last week was basically my summer vacation.   On Monday and Tuesday, I went up to Ancaster to spend two days with one of my best friends, Bill.  He was house-sitting for a mutual friend and invited me to come up.  Woohoo.  It was fantastic.  They have a beautiful house with a pool with a great patio, the whole nine yards. On top of that, Bill is a great cook and so we ate and drank wine-spritzers (I’ve never had a wine spritzer  – I felt like a Real Housewife of Ancaster or some such), ate great food, sun tanned, swam and LAUGHED OUR ASSES OFF.  Oh my God.  When we get together, we are like 6 year olds.  Funny voices, short hand jokes, stories.  It was such fun and so good for my soul.

We got back Tuesday night.  I did errands and saw my best bud Sharron Matthews do her show at Statlerson Wednesday night and then I left for the Niagara Region on Thursday morning to see my friend Teresa.  We met in Dreamgirls at the Grand Theatre in London.  Awesome singer.  She asked me then to come and see her do her gig at this bar where she lives in Jordan.  I said yes and I knew she didn’t believe I’d actually come.  But I did and spent Thursday to Sunday with her family.  It was so great.  She is this beautiful black chick.  She’s married to this funny Dutch (yes that is about as white as you get – lol) guy named Ryan who’s 6′ 7″ – Good Lord.  That’s a lot of man.  And they have 3 beautiful children.  I had only met Ryan on opening night and there I was spending four days with his family. He is fantastic.  We had a great time.  But I haven’t eaten that much food and drunk that much wine in a long time.  I met all of Ryan’s family (they all live in that area) and Ryan’s mother turned Teresa’s event into a big 60th birthday party for Ryan’s dad.  Ryan’s dad is the youngest of 12 children – most of whom live nearby.  Needless to say I met a lot of people that night.  Teresa is an amazing woman and we just connected.  She’s like a sister if I were ever to have one.  But that two days by the pool and then the 4 days with this joyous, wonderful, human family did so much for my soul.

I want more of that in my life.  “What exactly is he talking about?”, you ask.   More impromptu moments of “yes”.  Someone saying come to this or see this.  “Yes, I’d love to”  More adventures.   See what happens.

Good times.

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