Hey guys,

I don’t have one specific thing to talk about it.  It’s just bits and bobs tonight.    I guess the first thing is: two more video clips of my last cabaret.

This one is a “two-fer”.  And in this one, I royally screw up the lyrics to the first song, and I have the lyrics in front of me, because I was afraid I may forget “one or two words”.  Jeez.  But I just had fun with it and the audience just went with me.  Bless.

Okay what else.  Oh, I haven’t told you guys.  I’m in Edmonton now.  We started rehearsals for The Drowsy Chaperone on Tuesday.  My God, I love doing this show.  I must or I wouldn’t be doing it again.  It’s been very relaxed.  There are just 7 of our 15 cast members in right now.  This production is a re-mount/co-pro of the production I did in Vancouver at Christmastime.  But we have 5 new cast members replacing people who weren’t available.  So three of us who started on Tuesday were in that production and the other 4 are new.  Our director very wisely had the four newbies (the fifth newbie doesn’t have choreography to learn – it’s featured role)  and their “partners” (most of the characters have a counterpart they spend most of the show with) come in a week early to build a mental/physical rapport before he had everyone else join us.  It’s been a great way to re-learn the choreography and I’m finding my body is a lot more accepting of it.  It’s like an old friend now.  The movement has the comfort of familiarity.  Unfortunately, they seemed so familiar, I forgot to warm up for the first two days.  Yeah . . . .  OOOOOWWWW!!!  Oh my Hey-soos!!  (That would be “Jesus” but I didn’t want to fully alarm my Christian friends.  😛 )  I fully had to take a bath in epsom salts.  Two nights ago.  I told our choreographer, the INCREDIBLE Dayna Tekach, that she’s lucky her choreography is so fantastic or I’d have to kick her ass . . . when I’m actually able to lift my leg of my own volition again.  I think Edmonton is going to love it.  It really is one of the most, if not THE most, fun I’ve ever had doing a show.   It’s up there with the Emcee in Cabaret.  And that was fun.  Richard O. and Kelly N.,  if you are reading this (and I think you are),  I would love for you boys to come and take a look at this, if only because there is such great work going on and it’s basically (because its the same production with most of the same cast) the first Canadian regional production of this Canadian hit.  And if you hate me in it, don’t print it.  I don’t want my bubble rained on.  Wait . . . I mean my parade burst . . . or well you get me.  😉  It’s going to be a blast.  And there are little bits that were supposed to happen technically in our Vancouver production that are now going to be incorporated into this production.  Which is even cooler as it keeps making it fresh for us “do-overs”.  I will even have somewhat different hair.  apparently none of our wigs came with the show.  Which is weird and, apparently, a loooong story which begins and ends with money.  So we are all getting new wigs.  The one they have for me is so cool and it wasn’t even styled yet. I may have to get one for myself.  You’d be surprised how many times a wig has come or would come in handy for the right audition.

The Edmonton Fringe Festival is on right now.  I’ve been a little sick with some sort of stomach thing for the last couple of days so haven’t felt like going out.  But tonight I just thought “screw it, I’m going to catch something”.   It was  good night – mixed, but good – I decided to walk to the area that the Fringe was basically taking place.  What better way to see the city?  Well it took about 35 minutes.  Not bad.  Part of it was steeply downhill.  And another part was semi-leisurely uphill and over a bridge and around the baseball diamond.  My God, will I ever get there.  By the time I did, I had missed the 3 things I wanted to catch so I found something a little later that looked promising.  I shan’t say the name to protect the innocent.  But i still had an hour to kill.  Luckily a magician/entertainer was doing his outside show so I stayed and watched that.  Very funny guy – so personable.  He did some great stuff with cups and balls and a balloon animal.   . . . Seriously, he was fantastic.  Then the show. *gentle but strained sigh*  Oh dear.  Not good. Not good at all.  I love that it was the fringe and everyone can come in with a show and put it on.  But my word, did the term “pacing” never even enter the rehearsal room, let alone life-like dialogue or I’d settle for a real moment that wasn’t an accident.   I so appreciated the earnestness of the performances but it was 500 degrees in there and it was 20 minutes too long. And by 20 minutes, I mean 5 days.   The play was so ill-conceived.  I can’t tell you which play as I make it a rule not to slam anyone specifically.  But yeesh!!  It didn’t help that every once in a while my stomach started feeling like the lining and contents are having a full on “Krystal and Alexis catfight” and it’s sweeps week.  Then came the same walk back home.  I was sweating and tired and I wore the wrong sandals.  But you know what – I’m so glad I went.  I’m determined to do different things.  To get out more.  Excited about that.

Um, what else???  I can’t think of anything else.  I’ll let you know.

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  1. Hi there
    hope you are enjoying the sites and sounds of Edmonton
    I sat beside you in the OVEN at the Fringe I have to agree with the thoughts about the show…tooo long tooo hot and tooo fast.
    In any event…I had wanted to say something to you that evening. I have a super friend who would love to show you around Edmonton in between your practices.

    His name is Michael and I spoke with him and he said that it would be great if you wished to hook up with him while you are in town

    If you are interested, please let me know. My husband and I are going to indeed get tickets to your performance


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