Hey kids.  So we have just finished the second week of rehearsals for Drowsy Chaperone.  It’s amazing how easy it is to fall into complacency.  I’m feeling it.   I dip into places where I go into a lot of automatic pilot.  I need to get more specific with what I’m doing.  But it’s good to feel that right now.  I would hate to get to performances and realize I had been dead creatively . . . as fun as that would be.  hahaha  No it’s a good lesson.  Luckily it’s a great part to be creative in so it’s going to be fun to do that.  I had a great rehearsal in the run-through yesterday, I refound the fun of Aldolpho.  I was just tired today so I didn’t sweat it but I did realize how anything can become heavy if left unexplored.

Then I spent the evening looking at music for the Sondheim in September concerts I’m a part of.  I mentioned it several blogs ago.  If you guys are free, you have to go.  Seriously, they’re going to be amazing.  Go to all three (oh yeah, there are three of them) or if you can’t, at least come to the one I’m doing – Oct. 5.  Yes, I know, “But Thom, I thought you said Sondheim in September.”   Ok, I know but they are September 21, 28, and Oct. 5.  I can’t tell you why that is.  I guess it was catchier than “Sondheim in September Except For The One Day in October.”  Anyway, here is the web site.


It’s a benefit for the Actors Fund of Canada – GREAT CAUSE  – and it’s started by two guys named Warren Kimmel and Peter Huck.  They’ve assembled some of the finest musical theatre talents in the country (not all of them – don’t go getting all uppity everyone) and they walk through every show Sondheim wrote, taking several songs from each show.  They shows are at the Metropolitan Community Church at 115 Simpson Ave., Toronto, ON.   You can get tickets at TICKETLINE at

647 367 8477

Or you can get them at the door but it’s CASH ONLY at the door.    Do come everyone.  It’s going to be an amazing three nights.

That’s about it for now.

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