Whew.  Well here I am the morning after.  It went really well, y’all.  I’ve had better shows but it wasn’t bad.   I was pretty relaxed.  I mis-timed a couple of laughs.  I still got them but they weren’t in the pocket but my number “Aldolpho” went really well.  Thank God.  It was so much fun and insane.  The show overall was really great, I think.  I was told Edmonton opening nights can be a bit of a hard sell and I’m sure there were pockets where they may have been more sedate but for the most part, the crowd was pretty vocal and laughing.  I did get hoots and screams after my number which was very sweet.  I had gone over on my ankle the night before in one of the numbers and so I had wrapped it for last night.  And luckily it was fine.  Just a slight thing.  Nothing serious.  It will be nice now to just run the show and have fun.  The cast and crew is fantastic so it’s really a good time.

The only not so great thing was I couldn’t get to my personal stuff at the end of the night.   A handful of us were hanging out in the green room after the party.  There were a couple of security guards hanging out for awhile. When we were getting ready to leave, I went to my dressing room to get my stuff and it was locked.  I went to look for the security guards and they were no where to be found.  So about 6 of the cast hung out with me and after about an hour of waiting and trying to find the guards anywhere, we finally left.  A couple of the cast who are staying at the same place as me vouched for me at the hotel so I could get another key to actually get into my room.    Thank goodness.  So now I have to run back to the theatre this morning and get my stuff.  Literally, my phone, my wallet, my knapsack – PLUS all of the chocolate I got for opening which I was so looking forward to pigging out on last night.  hahaa

There you go.  But otherwise, a really fun night.  Really fun.  I hope the show does really well and I hope the crowds continue to love it and come in droves.

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