Honestly, how hard is it to be civil to other human beings?  I’ve seen and heard some things in the last little while that make me despair.  There is not a lot we can ask of/from people – ie. strangers or even friends.  Simple human decency.  No rudeness, disrespect.  Just civility.  That’s not too much to ask.  And respect for people doing their job.  This is not spurred on by something that has happened to me. It’s a reaction to what I’ve witnessed.  More detail is unnecessary.  What’s more important is my point.  What makes some people think that treating people like they’re children or idiots is going to get any better work out of them than treating them with respect.  Abuse of power makes me crazy when it’s mean. When you hold all the cards and you still go out of your way to make someone else feel small and insignificant, it’s absolutely unforgivable and quite frankly – shitty behaviour.

I become more and more aware that we have multiple opportunities every day to make the choice of generosity and I firmly believe that every time we make the opposite decision, we slice off a piece of our humanity and through it away.  And over time, if you keep lopping off pieces, you eventually become the heartless monsters we see in the news every day – abusing people, spreading hate, running oppressive governments.

I’ve been trying to be a lot more aware of the “yes” factor lately. Things that I would not normally say yes to, I’m starting to see what happens if I say yes.  “Yes, I’ll meet this new person for lunch.”  “Yes, I’ll go to that gallery.” “Yes, I’ll give that food another chance.”  And I’ve been finding these new treats and, okay I’ll say it “blessings” from doing that very thing.  It’s so easy to change your life.  Just make a different choice.

So try it, my people.  If you’re feeling like you need your life to transform a bit or a lot, make just one different choice today and see what happens.  I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  (And don’t be jerks about holding onto your previous choice and expect failure and then when it happens go, “see”.  That doesn’t count) Joyfully welcome the change and see what ride awaits.  Each choice makes the next one easier.

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