DON MCKELLAR AND IOkay I’m not even beating around the bush.  Yesterday, Don McKellar – ridiculously talented Canadian star, writer, actor, WRITER OF THE DROWSY CHAPERONE – came to see our matinee here in Edmonton.  I had heard he may be coming but I didn’t want to know when.  About half an hour before the show, one of my castmates innocently made a comment about the fact that some of the cast was upstairs listening to “Don’s” pre-show  talk with the audience.   Not thinking, I said, “Don who”.  He looks at me like I’m an idiot and says, “Don McKellar”.  I almost threw up.  Not only is he one of the Tony Award-winning writers of the show I’m doing right now (which I may also mention is the first Canadian regional “non-Broadway template” production of the show), but he PLAYED MY PART IN THE ORIGINAL CANADIAN PRODUCTIONS.  Oh my God.   That’s when the praying started.  Thank god for The Secret in my life right now.  “Thank you for letting me stay relaxed.  Thank you for letting me listen to my scene partners.  THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME BE FUNNY!!!”   That’s right, people, thank the universe in advance.  My God.

Well, Hallelujah, the universe listened.  The crowd was totally into the show.   A couple of things happened before the show to remind me how much I love doing this show and how much I love this cast.  That relaxed me.  Plus I knew I had a friend in the audience that afternoon who I knew would be so happy and supportive.  That calmed me more.  So by the time I went out for my entrance, I was ready to play and listen and have fun.  And that’s what happened.  The audience got me, I had fun, I was trying new things, I got my laughs.  It was a great show.

Afterwards, he came backstage  and took a picture with us.  I was so thrilled and proud when he said some really lovely, complimentary things to me.  What those are, I won’t say but it’s safe to say I got his blessing.  I didn’t realize he had seen me do other things.  He said when he heard it was me playing the part, he wasn’t sure I was a good choice, but after he saw me, he thought my friends and fans should see me do this part as they wouldn’t believe it.  (He did mean that in a good way – I hope).

Anyway, he loved the whole production.  He actually came back after our second show and went for drinks with us.  In fact, he wrote the cast this beautiful card (again sayings amazing things that I shan’t repeat) and brought us champagne (the good stuff)  to toast us.  And we all stayed there for hours.  It was a really fun, exciting, satisfying day, y’all.

I do wish people could see me do this.  My long-time friends know I do these sorts of parts.  I grew up playing wacky roles because I was fat.  hahaha  Okay, the bluntness of that sentence made me laugh out loud.  But most people in Toronto don’t know I can do outrageous physical comedy.  So if any of you have time, come on down to Ottawa and see the show.  Not just for me.  But because the show is really good.

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