So in the midst of trying to regroup after the loss of our dear musical director, Lloyd Nicholson, we did have something uplifting happen.  Bob Martin, the Tony-winning (I just love writing that) Canadian (and that)  co-writer (with Don McKellar) of THE DROWSY CHAPERONE and the original Man In Chair, was supposed to see the 1st preview of our production on Wednesday (the evening of the day Lloyd died).  He came back stage before our rehearsal that night to give us his condolences and meet us.  He then decided to stay an extra night to see our preview last night and that’s what he did.  He saw the show and love it.  (His words.)  He said he had heard about our show from Don and Lisa (Lambert – she wrote the music) and really wanted to see it.

I had an extra bonus in that when he was leaving and shaking people’s hands, he looked at me, and I’m told his eyes lit up (I was too busy being excited that he was there), he shook my hand, told me I was hilarious (blush) and he said I made him laugh all the way through the show and he loved my “bits”.  I know it’s kind of gross to talk about “oh, yes, this famous man LOVED me and thought I was FABULOUS” but suck that.  It’s been a crazy time and I’m so proud of this show and this last couple of days has been horrible.  And I’m thrilled that the man who created the show liked what I did with his baby.  I’m so proud and touched and humbled by that and it’s rare to have that kind of experience  so for all of you who are sweet enough to give a shit about my blog, I wanted to share my joy with you, y’all.  (It’s been awhile since I’ve used a y’all – guess I’m feeling all nostalgic. )

And off we go tonight.  A final brush up with our new MD, Scott – who did an amazing job last night, by the way.  He managed to not just get us through but really make the show happen.  We will work through the harder bits this afternoon for an hour and a half and then open tonight.    Whew!!!

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