Lisa Lambert and I

Sorry that’s a little blurry.

So our final show of the this past long, draining week, we had a lovely suprise.  Lisa Lambert, half of the Tony-award winning duo who wrote the MUSIC for THE DROWSY CHAPERONE,  came to the see the show.  She’s awesome.  So great and easy-going.  She’s just a “chick”.   A very cool chick.  (For the record, I don’t use that word as a patronization of women . . . . why am I explaining myself, it’s my blog)  Anyway, we all went for drinks afterwards and yacked about all of the different productions she’s seen, including an amateur one in Hawaii recently.   Now, I am always nervous when the writers/original performers come to see a show I’m in.  It’s just a bit freaky.  I’m very happy, relieved and grateful to say she took a moment to say some really great things about my Aldolpho.  Whew!  Thank you, Jesus/God/Buddha/Allah/Universe and anyone else I left out.

So two more weeks.   Wow.  It will be weird to say goodbye to this show. So much has happened.   This cast has really become like a family and I think we’ll miss each other a lot this time.  It really will be strange to move on to another version of the show.  For those of you who don’t know, I finish this show on Oct. 31 and a scant 5 weeks later, I start rehearsals for a completely different production of Drowsy in Winnipeg.  I’ve never done that before.  It will be wild and kooky.  Fun though.  I’ve already got ideas for some new things I want to try.  God I love what we get to do . . . sometimes.  LOL  The really great thing about it is my parents can’t really travel much anymore and they had heard so much about the production and my mother sooooo wanted to see it.  So even though it will be a different production, she will now get to see it and me in it and not have the discomfort of the travelling.  So that is a huge blessing.   Oh, I’m from Winnipeg, for those who don’t know and my family is there.  So I get to be with my family for Christmas which I’m usually not.  I’m usually doing a show somewhere else.  All good things, y’all, all good things.

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