Ummmm I don’t know what to say about this.  I’ve met the fiance who is still alive which is why my buddy Sharron sent this to me.  But what kind of animals do this to a person – no matter what the reason is – gay bashing or human bashing?  It makes me despair that of the 2 to 4 people  who were a part of it, not one of them stopped with a shred of humanity to say, “No, this isn’t right.”  How do you decide that a life means so little that you can take it.  You can’t run over with someone with an SUV and not know they will probably die.  Beating him wasn’t enough.  No, we must make sure this stranger doesn’t live because . . . . .

There is nothing to justify that statement.    Maybe if he was Hitler, but then he wouldn’t be a stranger.  You’d know who he was and why you want to kill him as these people MALICIOUSLY KILLED this poor man.

Darkness, my people, darkness walks this earth and rears it’s ugly head sometimes.  I still remain hopeful for humanity but this is a truly sinister moment in our evolution.


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