It’s bizarre to imagine but it’s the last week of The Drowsy Chaperone.  This is it.  By the time we finished our run in Vancouver, we already knew we would be doing it again.  But this time it’s done.  It will be very sad when this over but it’s been such a great ride.  Seriously.  I have loved this cast (including the replacement folks who joined for this time round) and the crews and our amazing stage management team.  The theatres we’ve played in – The Vancouver Playhouse, The Citadel,  and The National Arts Centre – have been so warm and welcoming and excited to have us.  We’ve been treated like royalty, with such generousity and humanity.  And even with the death of our dear Lloyd, the NAC staff stepped up and cradled us in such love and safety, I can never say enough about them.  We definitely have some good times in the theatre and I have to say I feel like I’ve been so blessed to be in some wonderful shows with some fantastic people/performers.  But this is definitely in my top 3 great experiences.  I’ll miss it and I don’t actually miss things that much.  I’m not terribly sentimental.

It will be fascinating to revisit the show in a whole different way 6 weeks from now.  Yes, I start rehearsals for the Winnipeg/Calgary co-production of The Drowsy Chaperone in Winnipeg in 6 weeks.  I’ve never done that sort of thing before.  Entirely different production – different  director, choreographer, designers, cast – the whole shebang.  I’m playing the same part.  So the nice thing is I don’t have to learn a whole new show so I can spend more time visiting with my family and old friends in Winnipeg.  And I get to be with my family for Christmas which I’m usually not.

Many things to be grateful for.

Oh speaking of which.  I spent the most wonderful afternoon with my God-son and his family yesterday.  He’s 4 and his mother was the daughter of my God-mother.  She and I grew up together.  So I visited with her and her husband and my God-son and his older brother (6). It was great to play with them and go for a walk and have lunch and hear about their lives.  Really rejuvinating and it puts the world in perspective when the most vitally important, earth-shaking issue of the moment is how high I can push the swing.

Enjoy the beauty of the simple life moments today, y’all.

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