Now as we come into Halloween, we (the cast of Drowsy) won’t be able to do much as we do our final two performances that day and then we have a cast party at Peter Hinton’s place (the Artistic Director of the National Arts Centre).  But we had a surprise birthday party for Nora McLellan (Mrs. Tottendale – for those of you who know the show) last night and we decided to make it a costume party.  I will try to get real pictures for you all but for now, I’ll just include the picture I took of my face at the end of the night.  One of the characters in the show uses the expression “Holy Cats” a lot.  Now you can’t see the end of the chain but there is a jewelled cross at the end of it.  I went as Holy Cat.  It was good times.  The make up is faded as a lot of the black got absorbed into the silver as the night went on.  I’ve also included a test run of the make-up from that afternoon.  Hey don’t judge me for a test run, bitches, I knew I’d only have about half an hour so I didn’t want to be making it up with so little time for mistakes.

Holy Cats!!Holy Cat - Rehearsal

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