So, about 3-4 months ago,  I was asked by my friend, Avery Saltman, to perform at his big fundraiser for his new theatre – Harold Green Jewish Theatre.  Well, of course I said yes, and it was tonight.  Soooooo amazing.  It’s always such a thrill to see these amazing people perform music they love to sing.  And the line-up was amazing:  Brent Carver, Sharron Matthews, Elicia MacKenzie (Maria – Sound Of Music), Theresa Tova, Paula Wolfson, the Jersey Boys, Lisa Horner.  It was amazing.  And everyone was really bringing their A-game.  The house was packed and they were a wonderful audience.  So warm and friendly.

I have to admit, I’ve been feeling a little unsure of myself lately.  Like maybe I don’t really have the stuff.  Maybe I’m just kidding myself.  I sang “Infinite Joy” from the musical ELEGIES: A SONG CYCLE.  I love this song.  I started the first note and realized I had started too high  . . . . . aaahhhhhh.  Now remember this all happened in a split second: I corrected it instantly and thought to myself – “pull that shit together right now.  You have not come here to ruin this song.  Tell your story and make it mean something – the voice will follow.”  So I became instantly relaxed and totally focussed.  It was a really great time.  I was taking the audience on a journey through the song and it felt like I wasn’t doing anything.  I hit a zone.  The audience was really generous ( I may have won them over by telling them I was the Sammy Davis Jr. representative for the night).  But it did do some good for my soul.

So odd, it doesn’t matter how much you do, you always have those doubts about your validity or talent.  Every once in a while, you wonder if you’re just faking it.   But I love telling people stories in song.  I hope I get to do more.

Oh and also, watch for an upcoming announcement – well couple of announcements.  Woohoo.



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