What a day.  It was full, my friends.   So the day started with a Meet and Greet.  It’s where you meet the staff of the theatre and they get to meet you.  You get to see who is signing your cheques (always be really nice to them) and who is selling the tickets and who is running the theatre.  And then you see the design presentation.  Wow, y’all.  (Yes, “y’all” is still alive and well.)  The set looks so beautiful,  simple in some ways and ornate in others.    I won’t give it away for those of you who will be coming to see it.  But it’s a bit of a combination of the Broadway production where we start in the apartment of the Man In Chair and then things just burst through and co-habitate . . . and our production from the Vancouver Playhouse where the bits of the Man’s home were on the sides of the stage but the whole stage playing area was Mrs. Tottendale’s estate when the curtain came up.  It’s what seems like a very happy mix.

And the costumes look fan-freakin’-tastic.  Great colours.  I want to say unusual but that can sound not positive.  I mean in it a totally positive way.  I love Michael Gianfrancesco (who did set) and Charlotte Dean has the coolest eye for colour and combination and luxury.  I think it will look gorgeous.  I have my first fitting tomorrow.

The cast is  a great bunch of people.  And what I love the most is they are totally different types than basically everyone who did the same roles in the last production.  Love that.  I can already see choices being made that are surprising and funny.  And Marek Norman has such joy and feeling for what he does as our musical director.  He’s already layering texture into the piece.    Oh, I didn’t finish telling you.  So after the design presentation, we read the script.  We didn’t do songs as people didn’t know them yet.  And then lunch and then we came back and started in on music.  That was basically the rest of the afternoon.

Such a great feeling at MTC.  I kept getting welcomed back by familiar, sweet, smiling faces.  I’m hoping that means I’m not an asshole and people like having me around.  hahaahahahaha.   I think it’s going to be a great time.  I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Hey Thom, I’ve been having no luck finding out whose in the cast with you. Care to share?

    I agree with everything you said about Charlotte. She’s amazing. I’m sorry I’m not going to see it (I first saw it at the Toronto Fringe!) but I’m looking forward to reading about your experiences.

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