Just a quick word of praise and glory for our choreographer, Tracey Flye.  So much of the show is musically staged that her job is huge.  She is so calm and so thoughtful in her work.  I don’t mean “thoughtful” as in nice or caring, though she is definitely both of those things.  By “thoughtful”, I mean filled with ideas about character and relationships and connections.   She and Steven Schipper, our director, are a great team.  They seem to really be on the same page and he clearly trusts her and rightly so.  She just jumps in fearlessly and gets things swirling.  She comes with fun ideas for the numbers but is completely open to the thoughts, instincts, impulses of her performers; always willing to amend or enhance or pare down.  And her taste is incredibly well balanced.  Again, what I mean by that is what she thinks is funny, how she thinks something is funny.  She really knows the balance between broad humour and cheap humour and knows how to use or avoid one or the other.  Amazing.  We’re very lucky.

By the way, y’all, I woke up today and luckily was able to walk.  After the rehearsal for my number yesterday, I wasn’t sure that would be happening . . . so soon.

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