So yesterday, we get to my big number “Aldolpho”.  I have to admit, I was a little nervous going into the rehearsal hall.  The last version I did with Dayna Tekach choreographing was so great and fun and she really knew how to use what I could do and was still really able to push me further physically.  I knew Tracey Flye (our choreographer on this version) was creative and clever but my God, we had a blast.  For about two hours, I laughed, sweated, tangoed, showed off, brainstormed and begged for mercy.  By the time I was done, my leg was bruised, my back was killing me, my knees hurt.  I COULDN’T HAVE HAD A BETTER TIME.  It is going to be soooooo freakin’ hilarious.  Seriously, people, there were times we simply had to stop because we were laughing so hard.  Deann DeGruijter, who plays the chaperone and is my partner in crime in the number, said it best about half-way through, “Can you believe we get paid for doing this?”  Because Aldolpho believes himself to be a great lover but his seduction “technique” is wanting, how he goes about   . . . . hmmm  well, I don’t want to give too much away . . . . .  hahaha suffice it to say,  slapstick has never been so “spicy”.   hahaha

We seem to be getting through the show – staging and choreography.  I think we will have gotten through the whole thing by Saturday.  Then we can start cleaning numbers (refining, changing, making improvements, polishing) and rethinking moments in the show, making them better, cleaner, clearer, funnier.

At any given point during the day, if you didn’t know we were at a rehearsal, you would think the room is full of the mentally unbalanced.  Someone is always working through “bits” (moments of comic business), coming up with things, physical things that will be funny.  But it looks like a room full of schizophrenics and Tourette’s syndrome sufferers.    (Nothing’s funnier than fake mental illness around the holidays!!!!!)

The cast is so great and funny and insane – in the good way.  It’s really fun watching them clue in to certain story bits and find their characters, making discoveries.  And seeing everyone get excited about each new thing that happens . . .  a costume fitting, a wig fitting, a shoe fitting, a song being choreographed, a scene coming together.  You can feel the excitement.  And though no one feels ready for an audience yet, you can feel how excited everyone will be to finally share the show, once it is better rehearsed.  I think Winnipeg is going to poop a little bit.

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