I’m a little tired tonight so my partner-in-crime, DeAnn deGruijter, who plays the Chaperone suggested I let a guest blogger take the reigns tonight.  I thought it’s a great idea so may I present our guest blogger for the evening . . . my Spanish tango pants from the show:

“hhhellooo, good peeples of Thom’s blok.  Ah-ee em soo  trilled to be aple to toke to jou about our leedle show.  Eet was a parteecularly exciteen show tonighd.  Thom was feeleen so rrrrelax, he let me plah-ee a leedle bit.  I haf been e-so eenspire-t by the way I feel when ah-ee em e-stretched oh-fer Thom’s manly thighs.  E-so beefy and maskuleen.  Ant so when he was beesy tinkeen of his lyrics, I took ohfer for one part of de number. I felt thee moment needet some pelvic throhsts, so I took it upon mah-ee-self to insert three of dem.  De audiense thoht it was funny as did de lady in dee oranch pahnts .  (I beelif they call hare the Chaparone or sonteen like that.) Aaanywaysss, I pelvic throhsted at hare ent she broke into beeg smile.  I tin Thom tawt it wohs funny too baycos he got glint een hees eye.  Ah-ee em preety chure he wohs please as he seemed much fohnnier from there unteel de ent.  E-so, dat’s ohl ah-ee haf to tohk about.  Tenk you forrrr listeneen.”

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  1. Hey Thom,
    Not sure how often you check the blog comments but wanted to let you know I’m looking forward to seeing the show friday night.


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