Oh lord, y’all, we’ve hit that shitty time when everyone is starting to get sick.  Honestly, it’s like some kindergarten class.  One kid gets it and in ten minutes, cooties everywhere.   Everyone’s getting some form of illness.  There is so much “oil of oregano” being used, the backstage smells like lunch hour at The Olive Garden.  I’m pretty sure that the cast is keeping Cold FX in business right now.  I can usually will any illness away from me but I’m finding this one is tricky.  It tried to become a full cold, but I wouldn’t let it so it sort of became a slightly stuffed nose with a little bit of runniness.  (Is that a word? – Ah well, it’s my blog) Then it thought it might become a throat infection. Nope, I won’t let it – so it just became a dry scratchy throat with slight swelling of the vocal folds, just to make the singing extra fun.  But since I wouldn’t let any of it really take hold, it got all  uppity and decided “let’s become bronchitis”.  Well, I got the Buckley’s, cause there is no way I’m going to let that happen.  It’s still fighting me and trying to have a complete victory.  I’m determined to wrestle it to the ground.  But I have to admit, the last two nights having to sleep sitting up because of the coughing is pissing me off.   IT WILL NOT WIN!!!!

It hasn’t affected the show too badly.  Although I did have a show . . . on Thursday night, I think, where I was worried I was going to have to speak/sing my way through some of my number.  Which is crazy.  I can sing through just about anything unless the illness is right on my chords.  It was iffy.  But I turned that shit out, y’all.   I’ve got a reputation to protect (that’s what I’m telling myself anyway.  It helps me soldier on. )  I’ve sung through bronchitis, pneumonia, strep throat, vocal fatigue and bad conductors.  I’m not about to be taken out because of “dry throat”.  hahahahaha   Screw that.

But the show is going really well. Holy Crap, it’s being well received.  I told you that Winnipeg was going to poop a little.  We haven’t had a house below about 85% so far.  And word of mouth has been crazy.   Really great.  I’m getting some fun glory which is nice being in the hometown.

Otherwise been busy – seeing family, friends, etc.

Good times.

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