No they are not part of the same thing but last night, . . . .  I went to . . . . . the  . . . Miss Saigon Reunion.  It’s been . . . .wait for it  (drum roll)  16 YEARS!!!!    What???!!!!???!!!!   And what was amazing was everyone looks more or less the same.  I won’t lie to y’all cause you know papa doesn’t lie to his people (I may leave something out every now and then) – some people looked a little more “the same” than others but pretty damn good.  What I found particularly fantastical was that it’s been 16 years . . . and yet I’m only 9 years older.   Isn’t that amazing???!!!

Seriously, it was really fun to see everyone.  Some have kids now (Melissa, Ma Anne,  Stacy), some have changed careers (Toto), some are in a different aspect of the business (Gino, Sammy, Romeo), some have gone on to great success as performers (myself, Joe, Laurie).  It was great to hear everyone’s stories.  Some people I’ve seen many times since, some I haven’t seen since the show closed (as opposed to when I left the show)  It’s the longest I’ve ever been in a show to date – 1 year and 9 months.  God help me.  But what a great time.  And serendipitously (I’m pretty sure I just made that version of that word up), Robert Billig, who was the music supervisor of the show from New York back then, happened to have just gotten into town doing Young Frankenstein and he came after his show.  Cool experience.

And now, here I am in Calgary.  About to start The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at Theatre Calgary.  So excited to get started. It’s going to be a blast, I can feel it.  And I’m glad I don’t have to carry the show or be a major show pony for this one.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be pulling out all the fabulousness I can.  hahaha.  But it’s going to be a bit of a working vacation which is really nice.  Now, for those of you who may want to take that in some negative way, GET OVER YOURSELVES – I’m not suggesting that I don’t have to work hard when I say “vacation”.  I mean I don’t have to pull out the BIG fireworks.  I can be a little “quieter” in the show.  I’m talking in comparison to Aldolpho.  As I’ve said, you could see my performance from space in “Drowsy”.

That’s about it for now.  And yeeeeeesssss, the news is still coming. I’m hoping to make tow announcements soon.  One is bizarre but cool.  The is freaking awesome.  LOL

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  1. I was thrilled to see you and everyone else at the reunion. I was a bit disappointed that no one tried to recreate the American Dream choreography. But alas, no Cadillac.
    Congratulations on…..everything. You rock Thom.
    Broadway ain’t ready.

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